A Certain Magical Virtual-On Set To Launch For PS4 And PS Vita Late 2018

Mentioned on this very site back on March 12th, 2017, Sega and Dengeki are working together to bring folks A Certain Magical Virtual-On game that will be playable on PS4 and PS Vita. Recently, news is out that the Japanese version of A Certain Magical Virtual-On is set to release during the Winter of 2018 for said platforms.

Thanks to publication site gamestalk.net we learn that there will be a new Virtual-On game heading to PS4 and PS Vita, which recently passed its Alpha stage. I’m not sure how the new game in the works will look or play when it is ready to ship to the public, but what is for certain is that it will be coming out next year in Japan during the Winter.

Last time news circulated A Certain Magical Virtual-On it derived from a stage presentation at Dengeki Games Festival 2017 event in Tokyo, revealing that Sega and Dengeki Bunko are collaborating to make the upcoming game, which is currently visible on dengekionline.com.

In addition to Dengeki, the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation struck up an interview with A Certain Magical Virtual-On producer, Jurou Wataru, who shared some rather interesting pieces of info on the upcoming mecha game.

Firstly, Wataru noted during the interview with Dengeki PlayStation that the development team is trying to keep the game as close as possible to the game in the novel. However, there will be some deviation with Virtuaroids that are not in the novel that will be in the game, which will be accompanied by familiar Virtuaroids too.

The game is said to sport rules, however the current framework is based on points that are regulated by actions. Points can be obtained by stealing “downs,” in which the victor is determined by the number of points accumulated during a match.

Moreover, the interview shined light on multiplayer. Wataru told Dengeki PlayStation during the interview that online battles aren’t the only thing that will be present in the game but co-op battles, and a single-player mode.

We also learn from the interview that each Index character has a special ability, the idea behind the ability setup is so that players can choose and combine them (abilities) with compatible Virtuaroids.

Lastly, Wataru noted that the team might dive deeper into info and features about the upcoming Virtual-On at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, but as of now the only thing that he could share about the game is that its release window is set for “Winter 2018.”

More info on A Certain Magical Virtual-On can be found over on dengekionline.com or gamestalk.net.

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