Arizona Sunshine PSVR Trailer Details How PS Aim Controller Works
Arizona Sunshine PSVR

A new trailer was released for Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive’s Arizona Sunshine, the locomotive first-person zombie shooter for the PlayStation VR. The trailer focuses squarely on the game’s adaptive ability to make use of Sony’s new peripheral for their VR headset, the PlayStation Aim Controller.

The trailer is only three minutes in length, but it provides for you a good look at how responsive, reactive, and accurate the tracking is for the PS Aim Controller. The device consists of a elongated rifle-like design with an aiming bulb at one end and an analog stick on the back end, enabling gamers to move around in game using the analog stick and aim manually with the controller as if it were an actual rifle. The controller is practically identical in concept to the old Super Scope for the SNES, it just doesn’t look anywhere near as cool.

You can check out the video below.

Now some of you Arizona Sunshine veterans are probably wondering, “But isn’t this game designed for akimbo zombie-shooting, head-splattering gameplay?” To that I would answer and say, “Yes, son… yes it is.”

The thing is, the PS Aim Controller requires two hands and does not afford for akimbo motion controls. To compensate for this inherent problem, Veritgo Interactive and Jaywalkers Interactive decided to add 13 brand new two-handed weapons to accommodate the two-handed handling nature of the PS Aim.

Typically, most of the game is played with dual-wielding weapons. Now it’s still possible to dual-wield, only you’ll need controls to accommodate that feature, like the DualShock 4 or PS Move Controllers.

Now as some of you know, the PS Move controllers don’t allow for locomotion because they have no analog sticks on them. It’s a stupid-arse design but that’s the way the dice fell on the Craps table.

So now, how do you play Arizona Sunshine with the dual-wielding manual aim provided by the PS Move controllers but without being able to make use of locomotion? Well, Veritgo Games explained that you can utilize teleportation if you have PS Move controllers. This greatly limits how you can get around stages freely, but you will be able to dual-wield using two PS Move wands.

So basically, you have the choice of either dual-wielding with the PS Move controllers/wands but lack locomotion, or you can utilize the PS Aim Controller that affords for locomotion but you can’t utilize the motion-based dual-wielding afforded to the PS Move controllers.

Alternatively, you can just stick with the DualShock 4 if that’s what you’re comfortable with.

If you have a PlayStation VR headset, you can look for Arizona Sunshine to launch on the PSVR starting June 27th for $39.99.


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