Ataribox, New Console From Atari Is Coming Says CEO

Atari CEO Fred Chesnais has promised to make Atari great again. After the company ended up in his care after filing for bankruptcy back in 2013, Chesnais seems to have plans to restore the brand to its former glory by introducing a new game console called the Ataribox.

There’s currently a website that’s up and live over on featuring a teaser video for the upcoming home console. We get a brief look at the wood grains and what appears to be a rectangular-shaped box. However, the trailer ends before we can see the whole thing. You can check it out below.

During this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles, California, Venturebeat managed to catch up with Chesnais and ask about the mysterious website and the teaser trailer, and he confirmed that the company is indeed working on new hardware, saying…

“We’re back in the hardware business,”

It’s bizarre, but it seems authentic.

Venturebeat noted that Atari did license out their brand to appear in the upcoming Blade Runner 2049.

The company has also paved a route of success through the maze of profit thanks to their mobile experiments gaining some footholds in the over-saturated market and making enough dosh to put the company in the black.

Given Atari’s expansive library of IP, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company opted to mimic Nintendo by creating an HD box bundled in with a bunch of retro games. We do know that the hardware is indeed based on PC technology, so it sounds like they might got the Raspberry Pi route with some small, efficient and cheap, similar to what Nintendo did with the NES Classic Edition.

The trailer for the Ataribox seems to showcase a wood-grained console, reminiscent to the old Atari 2600 series.

If they have plans on launching the system this holiday season they’re going to have to announce something official at least by GamesCom, otherwise they’ll miss out on a golden opportunity to lure in holiday shoppers.


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