Attack On Moe-H, Sexy RPG Clicker Now Available For Free
Attack on Moe-H

Nutaku’s parody of Attack on Titan, appropriately called Attack on Moe-H, has officially launched through their online digital distribution portal. The RPG clicker is available right now as a free-to-play title through their official web portal.

The web portal announced that Attack On Moe-H is available for those who want to experience an RPG clicker with a nice, hefty helping of H-content in their quest to take down giant cute girls terrorizing the land.

The mature-themed parody centers around the Pixel Art Kingdom, which has come under siege from giant moe girls known as Moetans. Just like the titans from Attack on Titans, players will have to prevent the Moetans from terrorizing the town as well as using the clicker power to capture and engage in sexual escapades with the cute titan girls.

The object is to level up and defeat the Moetans, use party members to help out during battle, and craft Moetifacts to increase your effectiveness.

The game sports 2,000 different stages with lots of unlockable H-scenes in between. There are a number of interactive sex scenes players can unlock as they play through the game, including fully animated QTE sexy battle events.

The game can be played through the browser so you don’t have to worry about setting aside space for Attack On Moe-H or worrying about whether or not you have enough processing power to run the game.

Nutaku has been expanding and building up their catalog of games, moving beyond the typical visual novel fanfare they usually host. Adding in a bevy of clicker, RPGs, browser-based games and action titles will most certainly allow them to expand and reach new audiences. So long as the Social Justice Warriors don’t come down hard on them like a massive sausage trying to squeeze into some tight buns, they should continue to see ample growth and reach new audiences.

You can sign-up for Nutaku and begin playing Attack on Moe-H right now by visiting the NSFW official Nutaku page.


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