Battle Chasers Releases October 3rd For PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Battle Chasers
(Last Updated On: June 3, 2017)

Airship Syndicate, a combination of driven game developers and ex-alum from Vigil Studios, has announced that their comic book inspired action-RPG Battle Chasers will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 3rd, 2017 later this year during the fall.

The news comes courtesy of a tweet that the developers recently sent out heading toward the weekend.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar was originally Kickstarted back in the middle of 2015. The ex developers of Vigil managed to scrounge up just over $850,000 from backers to create the turn-based role-playing game.

They’ve been slowly moving through development, designing the characters, working on the combat mechanics, and putting together the story and backgrounds.

They’ve attempted to adapt a similar art-style from the cancelled comic into the game. This is probably one of the rare times where an black-ink outline would have done wonders to really help the characters pop. You can see how the sexy vixen Red Monika looks in the game, and they’ve made sure that they kept her visually the same from her comic book incarnation for her 3D debut in the upcoming title.

I’m completely shocked that they kept her in such a skimpy outfit and even complimented it with boob-physics. Those have practically disappeared in today’s generation of gaming in the Western development scene.

Anyway, While the combat may be turn-based, the exploration and adventuring takes place via an isometric view. The gameplay outside of combat is actually quite similar to Supergiant’s Bastion. Heck, the visual aesthetic and color tone even seems similar.

In case you forgot what Airship is gunning for as far as gameplay is concerned, you can check out the original trailer below.

This reminds me so much of media fiction from the 1990s… stuff like Mighty Max and Ultraforce, the latter of which was based on the Malibu Comics series such as UltraVerse Prime. There was also this cool comic book game that was cancelled called Youngblood, which Battle Chasers reminds me of ever-so-slightly.

Youngblood - Comic Book Game

Man, comics and games from the 1990s were so over-the-top and cool. I miss those days. It’s nice to know that Airship Syndicate are aiming to revive that classic look and theme from the old days fiction… back when gamers and comic book fans were allowed to have fun.

Remember that? Fun… yeah, it’s all been buried under sociopolitical virtue signaling and the proselytizing from regressive authoritarians these days. We usually call them “Social Justice Warriors”.

Anyway, you can look for Battle Chasers to drop both digitally and in special physical editions come October 3rd, 2017. For more info feel free to visit the official Kickstarter page.

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  • Laytonaster

    This is one of the better… under-the-radar? small name? indie games I’ve seen in… a long time. Excellent animation, visual combination and style, classic gameplay. Definitely gonna buy.

  • Bamf

    Still, surprised Joe Mad was able to finish a project 🙂

  • Bamf

    Yes!!!! I love the comics from the 90’s!

    The art was beautiful and detailed, the heroes were sexy, the stories were dramatic and had weight to them.

    Today all we have is ugly backgrounds, fat “heroes” who kill each other and political ideology showed down our throats.

    • Bitterbear

      Ehh..The 90s was the golden age of Creepy Cute (Jhonen Vasquez, Todd McFarlane) and the heavy influence of manga onto Western comics. American Comics were still burdened by the Comics Code Authority though.

      However, it was a great time for European graphic novels thanks to the internet.

      The good time was the early to mid 2000s when DC and Marvel ditched the CCA and we had excellent stories and art direction.

    • I felt like there was a lot more (ugh) “diversity” in the color palette back in the 90s. We had some pretty interesting character costumes and designs that spanned the whole color spectrum. Heroes and villains really did stand out thanks to a focus more on unique designs as opposed to trying to portray the heroes “realistically”.

      • Feli Aslan

        Pretty much the reason why Manga is still great while comics become worse and worse. Highly Stylized and recognizable Designs are in Comics more important than skincolor.

        And while different origins and identities can be a tool to create characters that show us as readers a perspective we didn’t knew before, the best diversity is the diversity in perspectives, personalities, goals, values and morals.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    The character designs and the jrpg style battles have me very excited!

    I was gobsmacked to see that this is american made. There are still survivors in the american games industry wasteland!

    • Yep, surprised as well that they would go with the designs that they did and also utilize a combat system that mostly only Eastern developers use. They definitely seem to have ignored a lot of the other PC nonsense that has enveloped the rest of the Western development scene.

    • Alistair

      Watch the vid of red monkia, and i notice right away something was wrong the header pic doesn’t match the monika in game as that is a short skirt she got on.

      Have another look, you gonna tell me it nothing, It not misleading and it isnt censorship. Question why a skirt because the header is faithful to the comic.

      I called that a tiny misleading till i see more infor about this game i put a question mark on it.

      Edit: It either a skirt with a buckle or pants with a buckle.

      • Gozu Tennoh

        At 0:18 Monika is wearing trousers so I think its just the devs personal take on her outfit. I’d prefer the thong but I dont think theres anything sinister going on from what I’ve seen here.

        Unless you know something more?

        • Alistair

          I hope you right and it just the game that has custom outfits and you can choose any outfit.

          That is the way to go. That why i hold judgement till i see more about it.

          Because i often get burn thinking it uncensored but it wasn’t.

          • Gozu Tennoh

            I know the feeling all too well.

        • so I think its just the devs personal take on her outfit.

          So it could possibly be a case of an original design that’s been changed because of a developer’s personal taste.

          That sounds familiar.

          • Alistair

            If custom isnt a option then it is Dev personal taste.

            And yeah it does sounds familiar.

            I Don’t often give out a benefit of the doubt, but i will in this case.

          • Billy told me that she originally has a few different outfits in the comic, and that they went with the skirt-bikini combination for the game.

            Technically that means that it’s not censorship… but then there’s also the question of the developer having preference of the skirt for some reason. Maybe I’m going a bit too far with this.

            But yeah like you say, having an option to choose between all of her original outfits in the game is the way to go.

          • She actually has a couple of different outfits. The thong-skirt, the spandex pants, and the bikini outfit. It looks like they went with the skirt-bikini combo for the game.

          • Gozu Tennoh

            I dunno about you but I find a micro skirt more pleasing than pants all day!

  • Alistair

    Completely Off-Topic but According to Mangagamer, steam has soften it stance regarding 18+ H patches on steam platform.

    You can only get patches off sites then installing it yourselves.

    You can pre-Order a “All Ages” Steam version VN the release date 30th june 2017

    with a free 18+ patch for it directly from steam Other all ages steam to get patches but the much older ones probably cant be patched.


    • Oh, wow… didn’t expect that. I’ll add that to the news queue. Thanks for the link.

      • Alistair

        Though billy when it is welcome news indeed you need to claify something the steam guidelines are still in force.

        That could mean many things unless the game is out we do not know what the game look like.

        And with the guidelines in place that tells me H patches is not allow but more soft porn is allowed.

        Do you follow me? Besides it’s the first step that counts and i welcome that. ^_^

        • Yeah I’ll be sure to clarify that in the post.

  • ScarredBushido

    please tell me that pic of the hot girl is in it and not just clicky baity

    • Conner Garry Sennett

      She’s one of the characters from the comic, so yeah she’s gonna be in it. She’s even shown in that first video.

    • Gozu Tennoh

      Watch the videos, bro.