Black The Fall, 2.5D Adventure Tackles Escaping From Communist Slavers
Black The Fall

Way back in 2014 Sand Sailor Studio launched Black The Fall into Early Access. The game slowly went through various iterative forms until Square Enix finally stepped in to help support the project through their Collective initiative. Black The Fall is now gearing up for release on July 11th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The title puts players in the role of a worn out and embittered machinist attempting to escape from a communist regime who keeps people enslaved working for the party.

The game’s futuristic setting actually borrows heavily from the fall of the industrial proletariat era preceding communist Russia. There’s a dystopian theme that permeates the stark atmosphere and factory-style enslavement camps that players will attempt to journey through and escape from.

Some of the imagery is really striking, such as the ferry carrying rackets with human bodies dangling from them, or the generator room where people ride bikes to produce electricity. The propaganda platform where people stand in front of a giant screen weirdly reminds me of the movie Brazil and that Anita Sarkeesian presentation from XoXo Fest telling people to “Listen and Believe”.

Anyway, outside of the communist themes, the game features puzzle elements, platforming segments, and 2.5D exploration. You’ll need to repair and utilize robots to help you out, manipulate tools to get men to help you, and attempt to overthrow the Communist State and its oppressive regime.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game below.

For some really bizarre reason a bunch of communist downvoted the trailer and were angry that communism was portrayed in a negative light within Sand Sailor Studio’s title.

Maybe a bunch of SJWs got angry that the game paints authoritarian communists as the evil bad guys? I mean, SJWs are authoritarian cultural communists, so it all makes sense really.

Anyway, the game graduates into full release starting next month on July 11th. You can learn more or add the game to your wishlist by checking out the Steam store page.


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