Colony Survival Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Looking for a beginner’s guide to Colony Survival? If so, hopefully this guide for Pipliz’s RTS defense-like game, Colony Survival, will help out newcomers and fans looking to sharpen their skills. Colony Survival is out now for PC via Steam Early Access.

Notice: Gameplay, UI and other elements present in the links and video footage below are subject to change given that Colony Survival is still in Early Access. However, given that the game is growing in popularity and a lot of newcomers are looking for basic tips and tricks during this point and time, hopefully this guide will help folks during the early days of Colony Survival.

Colony Survival is a first-person voxel RTS game developed by a two man team that goes by a single publisher and developer moniker “Pipliz”. The game tasks a player to build a colony and command guards, farmers, miners, and other key roles, to defend said groups against the monsters that attack every night.

Before jumping into gameplay footage showing Colony Survival, here are three links to three different beginner guides that teach helpful tips and tricks to overcome some of the hurdles in Colony Survival. The first guide is by Robjef93 that teach the basics, the second guide is by GayWolf who instructs how to build an easy defense setup, and the third guide is by Golden Camquat who teaches various tips and tricks.

Furthermore, there are three videos by YouTuber SpyCakes. Each of the three videos discover an important part of surviving that includes mining, building and fending off zombies. You can watch each of the video guides below that run well over 15 minutes.

Colony Survival is out now for PC via Steam Early Access. The first-person RTS game originally runs for $19.99 and now has a 10% off deal dropping its price down to $17.99 until June 23rd.


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