Crimson Gray, Uncensored Visual Novel Thriller Lands On Nutaku

Crimson Gray

A game about mental illness, mature themes, drama, romance and uncensored sex has found its way onto Nutaku’s marketplace. The name of the game is Crimson Gray, and it was developed by Sierra Lee, covering a rather volatile relationship between two classmates who delve deep into the emotional instability of a lovelorn couple.

Crimson Gray centers around John and Lizzie, the later of whom suffers from mental illness. She’s violent and unstable. However Lizzie is affectionate and devoted when paired with the right person, and she takes a liking to John, just as John takes a liking to her.

The problem is that Lizzie isn’t just violent… she’s borderline sadistic, willing to murder anyone in her way in order to please and make John happy.

Unlike other visual novels that center chiefly around trying to land one of the characters into a position where desires can run wild, Crimson Gray is about trying to find a route that leads toward a happy ending for both John and Lizzie.

For John, he has to navigate his own feelings while being wary of Lizzie, all in hopes of not being murdered by her, becoming clinically depressed, or committing suicide. Lizzie has to keep her wild conspiracies formulated by her mind in check, avoid losing complete control, and not wandering into the realm of murdering everyone.

For Crimson Gray, the objective is to try to find a route that keeps the main characters alive… and mentally intact.

This is a slightly different kind of visual novel compared to most of the other fanfare rolled out onto Nutaku. Oftentimes the games are cheery and lighthearted visual novels laced with all sorts of licentious characters and lascivious behavior.

In this case the game won’t leave you wanting for uncensored sex scenes, but there’s a lot more going on under the hood than just trying to get the two characters to hook up and undress.

You can learn more about Crimson Gray or purchase the 18+ visual novel for adults by visiting the Nutaku store page.