Detached, VR Space Survival Game Floats Onto Steam With Positive Reviews

There’s an interesting new survival-style space-sim called Detached, where players will have to battle through the harsh realities of space in order to make it out of the situation alive, all while dealing with disorientation, zero gravity and a host of other issues.

Last year indie developer Anshar Studios was working on bringing the game to the general public, moving it through the Early Access phase while they refined the controls and added more gameplay.

The objective of the single-player portion of the game is to deal with the hazards of attempting to survive through a 360 degree free-space environment where you’ll need to watch your oxygen, get to certain checkpoints within a certain amount of time, and watch out for all sorts of other challenges along the way. You can see what Detached looks like in the trailer below.

According to the user review scores on Steam, the VR-based title launched in May and has been steadily building up a strong collection of user reviews from gamers who enjoy the free-moving space sim.

Anshar Studios have attempted to work hard to bring a more realistic and cinematic element to the VR space with Detached, and you can see how that plays out in real-time with a room-space demonstration of the gameplay with the video below from YouTuber TheDevilDogGamer.

The game requires some precision movements and interactivity where it’s important to be able to identify and utilize aspects of the environment and physics-based properties in order to progress.

As you can see in the video above, the orientation can really mess with your sense of equilibrium, but a lot of gamers seem to enjoy it nonetheless.

Skrrt explained in his review…

“Definitely Detached is not intended for people who have trouble with nausea. I feel good playing the game but I understand why some people can not cope. Do one barrel rolls – feel the softness in your legs. Unreal 4 does a great job with graphics. I’ll try multiplayer mode today.”

Nana reiterated those claims, something that 74 other people agreed with her about by saying that it was a great experience in VR…

“As with most of recent VR games I was afraid of motion sickness, but it turned out that my fears were unjustified. Great experience for every sci-fi head out there”

Only 14 of the reviews are negative, mostly with some people complaining about the controls and the nausea-inducing factors. Some older reviews complained about the game’s lack of intuitive controls for making use of the Vive’s motion controllers, but Anshar Studios managed to include the motion controls in later updates as the game graduated from Early Access.

The game is priced at $24.99 at the moment over on the Steam store. It looks like one of the few VR games that people are actually fairly positive about.


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