DiRT 4 Cheats Give You Unlimited Money, Freeze Timer
DiRT 4 Cheats
(Last Updated On: June 14, 2017)

Frustrated with DiRT 4? Not winning as fast or as smooth as you’d like? Well, don’t worry about it, ace. There’s a way to cheat your way to the finish line using a new cheat trainer for Codemasters’ DiRT 4.

The trainer is available to download right now via the WeMod trainer app.

The trainer only contains two working codes, one for unlimited money and the other to freeze the timer. Now if you’re into spending and buying up parts, vehicles and other trinkets during the career mode of DiRT 4 and you don’t want to have to grind for any of it, you can use the unlimited money cheat to get your hands on any and everything you need to advance your way through the game with ease.

The freeze timer cheat is obviously designed for those of you out there who are having trouble beating the times in DiRT 4. Freezing the timer means that time trials are made easier and point-to-point races will net you some quick victories.

The game currently has a mixed rating on Steam. While reviewers have given the game a generally positive review score, fans who are dedicated to the DiRT franchise have criticized the game for the lack of proper force-feedback, “cartoony” visuals, and and overall lack of depth and personality for the tracks.

One of the biggest issues is that the track generation module doesn’t properly generate tracks that have the sort of identity that helped the game stand out the way the original DiRT Rally did. Nevertheless, most fans hold out hope that with a few patches and some tender, love, and care, Codemasters can eventually bring DiRT 4 up to the levels of greatness that DiRT Rally achieved.

Alternatively, you can look to grab a copy of the game if you don’t already have one for the PS4, Xbox One or PC.

If you plan on using the cheat trainer always remember not to use it during multiplayer rounds, otherwise you’ll be VAC banned faster than a minority will be tazed or shot trying to hop a fence to a mansion in Hollywood Hills.

Also, always remember to cheat responsibly.

(Main image courtesy of Markus)

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