E3 2017: Beyond Good And Evil 2 Promises Lots Of Diversity And Multiculturalism
Beyond Good and Evil 2 Diversity

If the topic of diversity wasn’t being pelted into your cranium stew enough as it is, perhaps having it driven home through the prequel (sequel) to Beyond Good & Evil will do the trick.

During this year’s E3 stage conference hosted by Ubisoft, lead creative director Michel Ancel announced that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be coming at some point in the future. They don’t mention when the game will arrive, or for what systems, but they definitely wanted gamers to know that diversity and multiculturalism was at the top of the list.

When Ancel announced that they would be focusing on diversity, some loud cheers from a small group of liberal game journalists erupted from in the rear of the auditorium.

Social Justice Warriors, those who identify as the Regressive Left, and those who proclaim to be Progressive Liberals all have been dictating to the rest of society to embrace the representation of diversity and the burgeoning of a multicultural hegemony.

This was made abundantly clear in the cinematic trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2, which you can view below.

On the upside, Ubisoft is throwing some gamers a boner. Boob physics were present in the cinematic, and bras weren’t a common commodity for some of the females with more ample cleavage. I’m genuinely shocked that Ubisoft went and slapped people in the face with wiggly tits.

The trailer supposedly represents what the actual gameplay will be like. According to Michel Ancel the gameplay will feature verticality within the cityscapes, jetpacks, vehicular gameplay, the ability to travel through space, visit new planets and interact with a “diverse” cast of multicultural characters.

Did I mention that the game is “diverse” and that it will have a multicultural cast of cahracters? Because Ubisoft wanted people to know that the game is diverse with a multicultural cast of characters. I wonder if they’re going to aim for a little realism by having refugees rape more than 1,200 women in a city like Cologne, Germany, just to keep things a little grounded? No? Too bad.

Anyway, we don’t get to see any gameplay at all; none whatsoever.

We do find out that the green-eyed lady at the end of the cinematic has connections to Jade from the original Beyond Good & Evil, and we find out that the golden statue in the beginning of the trailer has something to do with Pey’j, who was a character in the first game. Some of the details were discussed in the Michel Ancel walkthrough.

We also find out that all the anthropomorphic animals are genetically engineered grunts used for grunt work by the big corporations in the world.

Ancel also mentioned that their cyberpunk society featured in this particular video lacks corporate advertising, which is common in most other futuristic cyberpunk societies. The reason for this is because the place featured in the video takes place in a poor, less corporate-occupied location.

Ubisoft managed to tick a bunch of the token checkboxes in such a short cinematic. They managed to have a Rastafarian monkey, a black chick, a disabled chick with a missing arm, an Asian chick with big boobs, and a fat pig. The only thing they’re missing is a transgender bisexual otherkin, I’m sure they’re waiting to spread those last three tokens out over the course of a few other trailers. Also expect one of the main characters to be a lesbian, because nothing spells diversity like a lesbian lead.


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