E3 2017: Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Creates Drama Over Diversity Agenda
Dishonored Death to the Outsider
(Last Updated On: June 13, 2017)

A new standalone DLC pack for Dishonored 2 called Dishonored: Death of the Outsider sees players taking on the role of Billie Lurk, also known as Megan Foster. She’s voiced by accomplished actress Rosario Dawson, and she’s going to be the lead, alongside Daud, in the upcoming standalone.

The DLC pack was announced during Bethesda’s E3 conference this past year, and if you missed the trailer you can check it out below.

The theme centers around Billie and Daud attempt to undertake the task of killing the Outsider, a superior being usually referred to in the world of Dishonored as a god.

New Game+ will return, along with new supernatural abilities and enemies as players traverse through the seedy underbelly of Karnaca.

For some people on the Steam forums, they see this as more SJW pandering. The discussions have been overtaken with debates about representation, diversity, black people, female leads, and bisexual disabled people.

Some people joked that the only token on the list Arkane didn’t check was Billie being a Muslim.

The comment section on the announcement page is a lot more tame, and so far there are just a lot of people praising the standalone expansion and angry that Billie and Daud are trying to kill the Outsider.

The new expansion isn’t popular enough to have warranted much of any kind of discussion on Gamefaqs as of the writing of this article, but that will likely change leading up closer to release.

The YouTube comments are almost entirely about Daud and not wanting to kill the Outsider. But people really seem to love them some big, thick, Daud.

Regardless, of the feedback, there really is a big push in the industry to get more and more female protagonists into gaming. As pointed out by Steam user ThusVoid, companies are constantly throwing in female leads thinking that if they do what St. Anita suggested, there will be a 50% increase in sales…

“Well 1-2 years ago when anita was a super star, some investors risked $$$ on diversity thinking it will turn into a big profit… fast forward 2 years nobody cares and none of these games are bringing in any more than traditionally designed games.


“The thought was the market for gaming had an untapped gold mine waiting to be explored. Not the case.


“Anyway, always keep in mind that it is done for money. Nothing is free, investing money isn’t done for gags and laughs. If it isn’t profiting big they will be cautious about doing things again the same way.”

Actually sales in the AAA space are a bit down due to a number of reasons, including back-catalogs being more desirable to gamers than new games, and because apparently a lot of recent games just haven’t been as good as games made before 2015. Since adopting a heavy push to be “inclusive” and “diverse” in the AAA space, sales have not increased anywhere near close to 50% for any company.

Now this isn’t to say that Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, but there are definitely people already leery or starting to become disinterested in some games that they feel is little more than propaganda. We saw this happening with Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and even Darksiders 3, as some normies are starting to feel as if anytime a female shows up as a lead in a typically action-oriented game that it’s possibly being influenced by agenda-pushing SJWs.

There’s absolutely no one else to blame here but SJWs given that they’ve really made the gaming landscape toxic, and now each and every time a minority lead or female lead pops up, there’s going to be questions of agenda-pushing, SJWism and Liberal pandering.

Dishonored: Death to the Outsider is due for release on September 15th, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • ScarredBushido

    i felt like emilys playthrough was for noobs because her powers are really OP compared to the male ( completely forget his name lol ).

    im surprised you didn’t do a article about the converstaion Harvey smith and Anita had lol

    • im surprised you didn’t do a article about the converstaion Harvey smith and Anita had lol

      I didn’t feel like being anymore pissed off than I already am.

  • Bamf

    I have always wanted to play as a “Stronk Black Female.”

  • Alyn

    Billie was always black. I thought this was known a long time ago? Or is the issue that there’s no reason to release this? So confused lol

    • Don’t try to figure it out. You will hurt your brain.

  • Paradox Reign

    This won’t end and especially on a good foot. They ruined every fucking female main character and even if you would introduce a new one, that seems to be a normal character like the earlier Lara Croft, Clair Redfield or Samus Aran… the foul stench of the SJW bullshit will follow and ruin the view of this character, just like for Fury in Darksiders 3.

    I think, the best thing would be to make no female main character at all to avoid this problem. Ban all female characters from gaming, it does not help. It only makes it worse.

    • tajlund

      There’s the big problem. Given the characters history, having Billie as the lead kind of makes sense, but there has been so much SJW bullshit forced on us over the last few years that it really feels like they are just checking boxes on a list.

      • Paradox Reign

        Exactly. They’ve done this only to discourage people making female lead characters. Well done, SJWs.

        • tajlund

          I don’t know, if they give me the chance I plan on playing as Daud anyway. They spent two full games making Billie distinctly unlikable. (Yes, even in two. She was a very distant and cold person). Why would I want to play someone I despise. At least with Daud in the first game they kept him mysterious enough that curiosity made me interested in his point of view.

          • Paradox Reign

            Because they changed their mind and want to pander to the SJWs and feminists by making Billie playable aka the hero. This is how it’s always goes nowadays; make the female a hero while the male is the villain because men are nothing else than monsters one has to slay. I bet that they would change Daud into a villain if they could. After all, he is a male and white, the perfect category. Better not jinx things!

          • tajlund

            Yeah, but Arkane has not yet gone full SJW on these. This is a bad sign, but I think there is the slim possibility that since 2 was all about the ability to pick between two heroes, this might be the same. I’m in wait and see mode.

  • More race and gender diversity political nonsense?

    As if there isn’t enough of that already in video games.

  • John27

    The best thing about having a black protagonist is you can get into character first by stealing the game.

  • Pratim Gupta


    • Mr.Towel

      Ignoring it’s actually worse.

      • Pratim Gupta

        everything is political to them, kill nazis 4chan gets butthurt, kill non whites tumblr gets butthurt, show gore sjw gets butthurt, i really miss the golden years of gaming

        • The thing is, the 4chan supremacist flooding discussion boards and YouTube videos with actual Nazi propaganda only strengthens the SJWs point and moves more normies into the SJW camp. Either the trolls are too stupid to see it or they really want more normies to become SJWs.

          • Pratim Gupta

            The people who we thought as our allies were the enemies all along, they are the reason for sjw creation, 4chan and sjw both are our enemies, we are caught in the middle

          • You know what makes it even worse? A lot of GG stuff will get censored or banned on 4chan. They really are the enemy.

          • Pratim Gupta

            maybe that’s why /v/ are so much ostracized in there, the real enemy were hidden behind the sights, and now they have shown their true colors, now we have a civil war in our hands

          • tajlund

            That was my big problem on the Steam discussions. Too many trolls thinking they are funny, and the normies were all having to agree with the SJW’s so they didn’t look like they were agreeing with the trolls. It makes me wonder how many of the trolls are actually trolls false flagging in order to do just that.

          • It makes me wonder how many of the trolls are actually trolls false flagging in order to do just that.

            It’s a strong possibility, but there are also a lot of edgelords out there who think they’re fighting the system by behaving like the meme Gestapo.

          • tajlund

            Boy that’s the truth. Lots of kiddies think it’s edgy to act like Nazis. Reddit is pretty bad in some areas.

          • Not One Of Us

            With chan culture, it’s not about wanting it one way or the other, it’s that the chaos is the goal. It doesn’t matter what the topic at hand is, everything is open to being made fun of, and the more it riles up whatever the target is, the more fun it is.

            It’s just how chan culture is. Personally, I love it. It’s my home. But I do understand, within regards to something like GamerGate, how it can be a source of frustration. You just have to look at it as a force of nature and work around/with it.

          • But I do understand, within regards to something like GamerGate, how it can be a source of frustration. You just have to look at it as a force of nature and work around/with it.

            Not just GamerGate… SJW culture in general.

            A lot of these edgelords don’t understand that strengthening the SJW talking points by being what the SJWs say they are only pushes normies into supporting SJWs.

            SJWs may be crybullies that normies hate, but if normies see some sperglord who is an anti-SJW spouting actual sexism/racism/etc.,etc,. etc., how the heck is the average normie supposed to come away thinking “Oh, this is just some sperglord being edgy for the lulz”. The average normie comes away thinking, “SJWs are right and we need more diversity to help stop muh soggy knees.”

            This kind of logic escapes the edgefags, and they’re so busy thinking that the lulz are totally worth it that the idiots don’t seem to realize that they’re literally giving SJWs institutional power that’s reinforced by normies.

            A perfect example of this is how all those edgelords went and started trolling Leslie Jones on behalf of Milo, which got Milo banned from Twitter, which helped SJWs push through the standardization of shadowbanning, which helped people get on board with Google and Facebook adopting the same measures. So now we’ve got shadowbanning happening across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


          • Not One Of Us

            Thing is, it’s not that these people are being shortsighted – the result that we’re seeing *IS* the goal. It’s the chaos that is amusing, and the amusement is the goal.

            Watching people go at each other is funny, and working to increase that tension is very funny. There’s no allegiance or purpose outside of the humor.

            The end result may be a net negative, but the idea is that watching the world burn is funny as fuck.

            With that in mind, proceeding with dealing with SJWs and working with normies, you must recognize this uncontrollable undercurrent that operates as a chaotic wavelength and work around/with it. It’s the only way.

          • With that in mind, proceeding with dealing with SJWs and working with normies, you must recognize this uncontrollable undercurrent that operates as a chaotic wavelength and work around/with it. It’s the only way.

            Nah, SJWs have already won for the most part. The channers can get their laughs in but the SJWs are the ones who control the institutions. Yeah Trump is in office from the spite of angry old Conservatives, but the sad reality is that normies are lazy pieces of sh!t, and they need constant invigoration to get off their lazy arses. The only way to rile up those pieces of sh!t is to either propose them with mimetic propaganda for what they’ll lose or what freedoms will be taken away.

            Early days of GG worked well because the spergfags from the chans worked to use mimetic propaganda to rile up the normies about losing the gaming industry to a bunch of ideologues and piece of sh!t cultural marxists. But channers are autistic f*ckwits and got bored and started trolling, and normies are lazy pieces of sh!t and also got bored. So SJWs just rolled in on the U.N., continued spouting off bullsh!t through the MSM, and have continued to take over the education system.

            Thankfully their neurotic idiocy during both the Primaries and the General election led to old Conservative idiots finally getting off their fat wrinkled arses and voting Trump in office so that that corrupt windbag wouldn’t take office. But otherwise SJWs will keep on steamrolling into positions of power and control on an institutional level while channers keep normies siding with SJWs and SJWs keep annoying the f*ck out of everybody.

          • Not One Of Us

            Not so sure. I’m seeing more and more normies getting tired of SJWs and the like. While I’ve been seeing the concern for the rise of what is only white supremacy in appearance (most of them are just, well, channers stirring things up), I’m also seeing normies catch on that the regressive left is labeling anyone and everyone as nazis.

            This is a long war, and it ain’t ending anytime soon – and likely won’t end with fireworks, but instead a slow burn to the return of (relative) rationality. However, I do think the tides are turning, and, the louder the SJWs get (and they will get louder, as that’s what they do best), the more normal folk get fed up with their bullshit.

      • Paradox Reign

        In fact, it only makes it worse because those asshat sjws win like this.

        • tajlund

          I’ve learned that Shitposters don’t care about the collateral, only the Lolz. They are the instant gratification crowd, not able to see past the moment.

          • Paradox Reign

            What do you mean with Shitposters?

          • tajlund

            The edgy kiddies that think it’s cool to post pretending to be nazis. They don’t realize that forces so many to agree with the damn SJW’s.

          • fnd

            moderates are boring aniways

  • Gozu Tennoh

    Make em thicc with huge tits and an attractive face and I’ll take all the diversity they can muster.

  • LurkerJK

    There is more than just women characters, these days diversity comes with a few more gifts, male bashing, white bashing and devs often going out of their way to piss off their customers while passionately hating them with open contempt

    Seeing a diversity character when you are in the most numerous crowd is starting to feel like you are not welcomed, it’s not for you and you should find something else. The mental gymnastics they use to say these practices would bring in more customers is beyond me.

    • Seeing a diversity main character when you are in the most numerous crowd is starting to feel like you are not welcomed, it’s not for you and you should find something else.

      And when this race and gender “diversity” crap is going on, forced into everything and blatantly excluding Caucasian males, these SJW parasites STILL have the gall to say that they are the ones who are not welcome in video games.

      I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen feminists claim that women are “not welcome” in entertainment media and Tech despite companies, creators, developers and publishers all getting on their knees, grovelling, begging for and promoting women in their medium over the last few years. The dishonesty and lying from SJWs is absolutely pathetic.

    • Bamf

      So that’s why Mass Effect Andromeda was such a roaring success!

  • Mr Snow

    I’ve tried to play Dishonored twice. First time made it about 2 hours, picked it up again a year later, restarted got about 10 in. Just don’t like it. I don’t hate it, it’s just so medium sauce that it does not hold my attention.

    And this does nothing to light that fire of interest.

    • LurkerJK

      Arkane games have no soul, it’s mysterious how they manage to do fantasy or sci-fi and have them feel like mundanity

      I only played the demo for 2 but the first game and prey, while not bad, did nothing to remain in my mind, the memories have been flushed from my mind

    • GuyverOne

      I got through the first and tried the demo for the second. I found their storytelling very average (by the numbers revenge for both games) much like Ubisoft, they need better writing staff.

      • tajlund

        And I feel the opposite. I felt Dishonored had some of the best world building in modern gaming. I don’t know if it’s because when I’m in game I literally read everything, or what but I found the world to be highly fleshed out and realized. This was only confirmed when I read the Dunwall Archives and saw everything they put into it. Even the characters that were nothing but fodder for Corvo had fleshed out backgrounds and motivations.