E3 2017: Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Creates Drama Over Diversity Agenda
Dishonored Death to the Outsider

A new standalone DLC pack for Dishonored 2 called Dishonored: Death of the Outsider sees players taking on the role of Billie Lurk, also known as Megan Foster. She’s voiced by accomplished actress Rosario Dawson, and she’s going to be the lead, alongside Daud, in the upcoming standalone.

The DLC pack was announced during Bethesda’s E3 conference this past year, and if you missed the trailer you can check it out below.

The theme centers around Billie and Daud attempt to undertake the task of killing the Outsider, a superior being usually referred to in the world of Dishonored as a god.

New Game+ will return, along with new supernatural abilities and enemies as players traverse through the seedy underbelly of Karnaca.

For some people on the Steam forums, they see this as more SJW pandering. The discussions have been overtaken with debates about representation, diversity, black people, female leads, and bisexual disabled people.

Some people joked that the only token on the list Arkane didn’t check was Billie being a Muslim.

The comment section on the announcement page is a lot more tame, and so far there are just a lot of people praising the standalone expansion and angry that Billie and Daud are trying to kill the Outsider.

The new expansion isn’t popular enough to have warranted much of any kind of discussion on Gamefaqs as of the writing of this article, but that will likely change leading up closer to release.

The YouTube comments are almost entirely about Daud and not wanting to kill the Outsider. But people really seem to love them some big, thick, Daud.

Regardless, of the feedback, there really is a big push in the industry to get more and more female protagonists into gaming. As pointed out by Steam user ThusVoid, companies are constantly throwing in female leads thinking that if they do what St. Anita suggested, there will be a 50% increase in sales…

“Well 1-2 years ago when anita was a super star, some investors risked $$$ on diversity thinking it will turn into a big profit… fast forward 2 years nobody cares and none of these games are bringing in any more than traditionally designed games.


“The thought was the market for gaming had an untapped gold mine waiting to be explored. Not the case.


“Anyway, always keep in mind that it is done for money. Nothing is free, investing money isn’t done for gags and laughs. If it isn’t profiting big they will be cautious about doing things again the same way.”

Actually sales in the AAA space are a bit down due to a number of reasons, including back-catalogs being more desirable to gamers than new games, and because apparently a lot of recent games just haven’t been as good as games made before 2015. Since adopting a heavy push to be “inclusive” and “diverse” in the AAA space, sales have not increased anywhere near close to 50% for any company.

Now this isn’t to say that Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, but there are definitely people already leery or starting to become disinterested in some games that they feel is little more than propaganda. We saw this happening with Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and even Darksiders 3, as some normies are starting to feel as if anytime a female shows up as a lead in a typically action-oriented game that it’s possibly being influenced by agenda-pushing SJWs.

There’s absolutely no one else to blame here but SJWs given that they’ve really made the gaming landscape toxic, and now each and every time a minority lead or female lead pops up, there’s going to be questions of agenda-pushing, SJWism and Liberal pandering.

Dishonored: Death to the Outsider is due for release on September 15th, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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