E3 2017: Mount And Blade 2 Footage Previews Mongolian Archers, Cavalry Gameplay
Mount and Blade 2 E3

Some new footage for TaleWorlds Entertainment was one of those understated games that popped up during E3. It may not have had a huge ‘ole booth like Call of Duty: WWII or an impressive sectioned off piece of real estate like Nintendo, but gamers were afforded an opportunity to experience some raw gameplay for the upcoming role-playing, medieval, tactical war game.

The realism of Mount and Blade has always been one of its defining factors. Encumbrance plays a huge part in how you load up and load out your character. Weapon usage and blocking determines how you take down foes (or prevent yourself from being taken down), and cavalry, archery, and troop positioning can literally make or break your chances of walking out of a battlefield alive.

You get a firsthand look at what TaleWorlds is working on with Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, which is due for release on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, thanks to some captured footage from this year’s E3. YouTuber BaronVonLetsPlay uploaded 13 minutes worth of footage where you get to see the gameplay in action. Check it out below.

The demo starts with a look at a bunch of soldiers lined up across some uneven topography.

In the demo it’s explained that in this particular demo, you’re a cavalry sergeant. The idea is that in this scenario the player’s job is to protect the archers in order for them to carry out their mission. So in this battle players have a specific task in leading the cavalrymen against the enemy cavalry in order to whittle down their forces.

It’s mentioned in the video that even though you have a specific task, you can still dismount your horse and run around with your spear and sword if you want.

Midway through the battle we see some sword and board gameplay where the player hacks and slashes enemies into oblivion.

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord - Mongolian Archer

The second half of the video features a Mongolian horse archers.

There’s a unique element to the Mongolian horse archers: they can only fire to the left.

The Mongolian archer in the video starts with just under 22 arrows, and once he runs out he whips out his saber and shield.

Near the end of the video the Mongolian dismounts and begins cutting down the enemies.

The hit-detection in Mount and Blade II is actually pretty good, and the hits connect quite well. It’s interesting because Assassin’s Creed: Origins switched to the hit-box setup and it doesn’t play anywhere near as smooth as Mount and Blade II. Sometimes an AAA budget doesn’t always guarantee AAA quality.

You can keep up to date with the development of Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord by visiting the official website.


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