E3 2017: New Xbox Avatars Due Out This Fall, Focuses On Cultural Diversity

Xbox One Avatars

One of the lesser talked about news items that popped up during this past E3 was the new Xbox Avatars due out this fall for Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X users.

A brief minute long trailer rolled out to briefly take a look at the new Avatar designs and some of the features Microsoft has implemented for the characters. You can check it out below.

The trailer starts by showing an SJW-friendly Tumblrette turned real. She hits every check list except for being a minority. Then again she probably identifies as transracial, so I guess that counts.

Anyway, she has the shaved head, purple hair dye and she’s disabled with a robot prosthetic. Literally if she was just a bit darker skinned and identified as a pansexual otherkin, they would have knocked it out of the park.

It’s not all about Tumblr styles, though.

The trailer does showcase some more normalized apparel and getups, such as a dude in a monkey mask with monkey hands and red polyester suit. Next to him is a fake Frozen-esque character who probably has a bright future on a Pixv casting couch.

Oh, and you can even be a disabled minority in a wheelchair.

Still can’t believe they didn’t roll out the lesbian or bisexual modifier in there somewhere. They were so close to checking off each of the tokens on the totem pole of the progressive stack.

They did also showcase some new skateboard apparel as well, along with leather getups and motorcycles.

Interestingly they include accessories for VR headsets even though the Xbox One or Xbox One X don’t support VR. Weird.

They also outlined more gear for those who are disabled, including a running prosthetic for amputees with missing leg(s).

I think we also finally get a look at the lesbian… an androgynous figure with a red pointy finger, wide hips, a somewhat feminine face and rotund body. It’s impossible to tell if it’s a boy or a girl, but if it’s a girl, I think this trailer may have just hit all the token checkboxes.

Whew. I knew you could do it Microsoft, I was betting on you hitting every single notch on that checklist like a boss. Now the mutant, Rastafarian, space monkey, pirates will be cheering from their refugee housing structures, glad that they can finally be represented on Xbox Live, using Liberal-encouraged welfare checks to pay for all those new customization items.

Once the trailer stops virtue signaling they then get back to just showcasing some more wacky and original Avatar customization apparel, including briefcases with handcuffs, pirate gear, a variety of high-heels and other footwear, astronaut suits, bum gear, even country music-themed gear.

We also get to see some of the more wacky creations, including a rainbow haired unicorn with a girl on top wearing a Mardi Gras mask.

Others took notice of the virtue signaling as well, and the the comment section had a bit of fun with the whole thing.

You can look for the Xbox Avatars to go live this fall for Microsoft’s various gaming platforms.

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