E3 2017: Project CARS 2 Footage Covers Fog, Rally Races And McLaren Supercars
Project CARS 2

Some new footage of Project CARS 2 has surfaced from out of this year’s E3. We get to see some cockpit gameplay, along with some chase cam footage as the player car whips and zips around the map.

The footage spans 25 minutes and covers some neat aspects of the game, including driving during the sunset where it begins to turn to dusk, as well as giving gamers a hefty look at the pit crew instructions, catching draft, and hugging turns for opportunities to pass. You can check out the footage below courtesy of PS360HD.

After we get some footage of the standard races around the asphalt, we finally get a good look at the Rallycross section of the game featuring a Honda Civic.

The physics are a little… stiff.

I was expecting a bit more sliding and a little less grip on the dirt sections. I won’t say that the game looks like an arcade game, but it’s hard to view the rally segments and think of it as a simulation, especially in comparison to recently released games like DiRT 4.

In another segment we see where the player must overtake a rival before the race ends, and in a repeat of the same track, we get to see what the Civic looks like from in the cockpit view.

Whe then get to see some supercar gameplay featuring the Mclaren.

The rear spoiler raises and lowers like the flaps on a plane taking off and landing, or the skirt of a beautiful woman fluttering in the air every time a lecherous breeze takes a peek underneath.

The Mclaren looks like a work of fiberglass art canvassing the road at 120mph.

The sense of speed is a little disappointing, as it doesn’t really look like the player is going over 100mph, but the scenery is absolutely gorgeous and the mountainsides in the background and idyllic villages looking over the race track helps bring the atmosphere to life.

A second run of the track is set during the blanketing of a fog, where we get to see the cars breezing through mists that gently fall over the track. Once again, it looks gorgeous. It’s also amazing how much the track changes when you’re dealing with fog just in the distance obscuring the view.

Project CARS 2 is due for release on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting September 22nd.


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