E3 2017: ROM Extraction Adds Aim Controller Support, New Weapons For PSVR Fall Launch
ROM Extraction PSVR

The upcoming PlayStation VR title ROM: Extraction from First Contact Entertainment is a tribute arcade-style shooter that uses the PlayStation Aim controller. During E3 the developers talked about the upcoming title and how it’s played and how it coincides with the use of the PlayStation Aim Controller.

Originally ROM: Extraction came out for PC back in December of 2016, but the upcoming PSVR release will give gamers something new to experience when it arrives on the PlayStation 4. They’ve added several new weapons to make use of the PlayStation Aim, including a new in-game tutorial weapon completely designed after the PlayStation Aim controller. During the E3 demonstrations on the PlayStation channel, the team from First Contact Entertainment talked about the gameplay, and the changes they’ve made.

You can check out the gameplay video below.

Adam Orth, the infamous creative director who told gamers to “deal with it” when the Xbox One’s original DRM rumors surfaced back in 2013, explained that they’ve been experimenting with different peripherals and new ways to play ROM, and the PlayStation Aim was one of those new options. They’re also planning on adding support for new HTC Vive peripherals when they become available later in the year.

Beyond the new weapons the experience is going to be mostly the same as it was on the PC. Some of the issues people had is that is that the game is only two levels long, which peeved off some gamers because that’s basically tech demo-length for most people, especially since it costs $19.99. You can spend that on a Sakura VN and get like 30 hours worth of fapping out of that.

To their credit, though, First Contact wants to expand on the content offered in the PSVR version of ROM: Extraction. One thing in particular that I thought was worth noting is that there are player-model hands and arms. No more of that disembodied bullcrap that a lot of other games use. There are full, adaptive player-model hands and arms that fully function. I’m glad some developers are starting to take advantage of that and properly implementing player-model and world-view models into VR games so that gamers aren’t just looking at a floating weapon and a helmet.

As the headline states, ROM: Extraction is due out this fall on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro for the PlayStation VR headset.


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