E3 2017: Vampyr Trailer Focuses On Choices, Skals, And A Deranged Father

Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment released a gameplay walkthrough for Vampyr, the third-person narrative-driven vampire game.

During this year’s E3 there was 10 minutes worth of gameplay available, featuring Dr. Jonathan Reid attempting to help restore the integrity of the hospital and help save the good name of the hospital after a vampire infection breaks out and a woman is killed in the process.

You can check out the gameplay demonstration below, courtesy of MathChief.

There’s an overreaching narrative about vampirism and the Spanish Flu, as both are killing off the citizens of London during a tumultuous time.

The game uses the typical dialogue wheel options just like previous Dontnod’s previous games or other BioWare titles.

We see that the combat in the game is very similar to the Bloodborne melee and projectile combat. You can use a projectile weapon in one hand and a melee weapon in the other. The melee combat is really standard fare stuff with the typical three hit-attack most third-person hack-and-slash games use.

You’ll need to feed in order to increase your strength. You can also kill NPCs throughout the town, which will drastically affect the game’s story and side-quests.

The demonstration also reveals that there are mutants, not quite vampires and not undead, they are known as Skals.

These mutants have mutated even further thanks to feeding on victims of the Spanish Flu.

One of the philanthropists in the town, Father Sean, has become a Skal and has been eating humans as a cannibal. Players will have the choice of how you want to deal with Father Sean, which will determine further what becomes of the game’s story.

If the choices really do alter how the game goes it could be a really cool thing. Dontnod, however, has been known to pull a Telltale where the choices don’t always really matter. If, however, players can shape and alter the district by killing (or letting live) certain individuals, Vampyr just might have legs to stand on.

Also, the music in the game really does set the mood right. I think the track playing during the confrontation between Dr. Reid and Father Sean was absolutely pitch perfect. It setup an unsettling atmosphere where you had no idea which way things were going to go.

As mentioned, Vampyr has potential but we’ll see if it all comes together right proper when it releases on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC this November.


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