Elisa The Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives, Adult Dating Sim Launches On Nutaku

Elisa The Innkeeper

Nutaku and Neoclassic Games announced that a brand new “intricate” dating simulator titled Elisa The Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives has officially launched on the adult-themed digital distribution web shop. The game is a follow-up to the original Elisa The Innkeeper visual novel dating sim that came out a while ago.

The story is pretty simple: players take on the role of a traveler who checks into a renown inn in Florence, Italy. The inn is home to five of the most beautiful and sexiest women in all of the land, and they’re known for being extremely picky about who courts them, and almost incorrigible when it comes to automatically denying potential suitors the chance to become a lover.

Of course, things change for the five young beauties once the main character arrives on the scene, who is both handsome and rich. The young noble will attempt to win over the hearts and bosoms of the young ladies using multiple dialogue options and a variety of choices in an attempt to lay the innkeepers.

The game features more than 40 different primary and secondary choices, enabling gamers to play through the title and unlock different routes leading to different outcomes. The replayability comes into effect by pursuing different girls and unlocking more than 30 different uncensored CG images that were articulately hand crafted by Brazilian artist Bicio, who won the 2015 Latin American Manga Contest.

Elisa The Innkeeper: A New Customer ArrivesElisa The Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives

The images have also been rendered in ultra HD for full 4K viewing pleasure. If you haven’t upgraded your viewing display yet, you’ll likely be tempted to once you lay your eyes on those zipper zappers.

There’s also secret artwork to unlock along the way depending on the choices you make throughout the journey, using the “Good” or “Bad” karma system depending on how you interact with the girls. Sometimes what one girl likes the other hates, and it’ll require a bit of figuring out the personalities of each of the innkeepers.

You can learn more about Elisa The Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives by checking out the game over on the very not safe for work Nutaku page. The game is available for $15.00.