Fallout 4 Mods Add CBBE Tattoos, Re-Textured Tommy Gun And Sofa Surfers

The latest mods for Fallout 4 that change up the game add CBBE tattoos, a Top-Notch Tommy Gun and Sofa Surfers. Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The first Fallout 4 mod on this list that is up for download comes in by modder Krisser143 and Expired6978. The mod is a body overlay mod for LooksMenu and brings a list of tattoos for wastelanders to pick from. The mod also stands to remove the necessity of using the Unique Player mode, and makes everything work right out of the box.

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I should note that the mod also allows folks to pick and choose tattoos by simply clicking on the selected one, which requires no photo editing skills. You can download this mod over on NexusMods.

The next mod by Dpillari revisits a familiar or popular weapon of choice, which happens to be the Thompson submachine gun. The mod stands to refine the textures and bolster the vanilla submachine gun to match its real life counterpart… a bit. Both an image showing the the Top-Notch TommyGun mod and the description sit below.

“A high quality retexture for the vanilla submachine to turn it into it’s real life equivalent, the Thompson submachine gun. Jam Packed with detail and new weathering and grime. Enjoy.”

You can download this mod right now over on NexusMods.

The last mod on this list comes a small project by Soulsurrender that allows players to sleep on couches. Yup, any place anywhere, players will be able to Sofa Surf around the wasteland with no restrictions by simply approaching any couch and sleeping on the present sofa.

If this mod seems like something worth downloading the official link can be found over on NexusMods.

Lastly, more mods can be found for PS4 and Xbox One gamers by heading on over to bethesda.net, which holds some of the above mods and more.


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