Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Gameplay Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV - Episode Prompto Walkthrough

Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto to season pass holders and for those willing to split with their coin to purchase the episode and see what things were like from Prompto’s perspective. For gamers looking for a complete walkthrough of the episode to either help them out or to see if it’s worth a purchase, maybe this gameplay walkthrough for the new Final Fantasy XV DLC will help give you some insight.

YouTuber Shirrako offers up a near two hour gameplay walkthrough of the episode, which you can check out below.

The episode starts with Prompto in his boy-band snow gear, struggling to travel through the snow while freezing his skinny boy legs off.

You’ll need to force Prompto through the cold, cold snow as he walks slowly toward an unforeseen destination.

Final Fantasy XV - Episode Prompto

After getting picked up by the Nilfheim forces, and following a short cinematic, players will end up inside of a facility where it’s possible to examine a control room.

Ardyn will pop up to explain to Prompto he’s in the First Magitek Production Facility, and that he’s nothing more than a test-tube baby. He encourages Prompto to seek out Chief Verstael Besithia for more answers.

The level design is very similar to something out of Metal Gear Solid.

You can hide behind objects and shoot from a distance.

You can use R1 to attack, and the left digital pad to switch to a melee knife. You can press up on the digital pad to switch to Prompto’s pistol for long-range attacks.

If you sneak up behind an enemy you can perform a stealth kill with ‘X’ to steal an enemy’s weapon. You can use the bumpers to zoom in

L1 will allow you to zoom in just like a standard shooter and R1 will let you pepper enemies with projectile fire at a distance. You can also use Square to dodge or take cover.

Keep an eye out for various weapons throughout the halls. You can snag a recoil-less bazooka, and equip it use the right digital pad. Additionally you can grab a sniper rifle, which will allow you to take out enemies at a distance – from all the way across the room no less.

Be wary of how you use the weapons, though. The guns have limited ammunition and Prompto can only carry small amounts of extra ammo.

The game encourages players to mix and match attacks in order to replenish ammo – forcing players to run up close and use melee attacks to steal enemy weapons.

Follow the nav markers on the map to your next destination.

Once you take out the small troop you’ll need to head into the next facility. Inside the next facility Prompto will discover that Verstael had been attempting to create cloned soldiers, but settled for infusing Magitek into infants.

Proceed into the main facility and take out the Magitek soldiers. There will be several waves, so it’s best to stay near the door where there are several sniper rifles on a rack.

After clearing out the soldiers, you can proceed into the termination chamber, where Prompto will see some of his fellow clones in tubes and finally get to meet Verstael.

Prompto also discovers that the daemon that attacked Lucian was called Diamond Weapon, which is what destroyed the capital in the Kingsglaive movie.

Aranea eventually comes in to save Prompto after Verstael transforms into a daemon.

Aranea help Prompto get through the Metal Gear-style facility and will put him on a snowmobile.

You can use the right trigger to speed up, the left trigger to slow down and the Circle button to jump. Tap Square or R1 to fire while on the snowmobile.

Be sure to avoid getting blasted by the missile barrage while you’re driving the snowmobile, otherwise you could end up in a stun loop of constantly getting blasted off the snowmobile.

Continue onward until you get get to the chapter checkpoint.

You’ll have the choice of burning off the bar code on Promoto’s wrist or not. But it won’t come off.

After a lengthy cinematic featuring Aranea and Prompto throwing a twinky pity-party for himself, players will have the option to take on side-quests or continue on with the main mission.

You’ll need the snowmobile to get from one mission to the next or you can upgrade it.

The next mission involves examining a body, running from Noctis and following the dog Pryna.

Prompto and Pryna

After Prompto gets his confidence back he’ll rejoin with Aranea to head to the next Niflheim base. Prompto’s gay techno music will kick in, giving players that extra oomph and incentive to assault the Nilfheim Magitek base.

It’s best to take out as many guards as possible using the sniper rifles on the tower.

Once you take out the soldiers there’s some more reading material inside the base along with several more squads of soldiers to battle through.

There are several waves of enemies you’ll need to take out before you can proceed. It’s likely best to use the rocket launcher to wipe out the soldiers in groups.

Barbarus is the next boss you’ll have to fight. Use the explosive barrels around the room to severely damage the ape mech.

Also don’t be afraied to use Aranea to knock Barbarus off his feet and buy yourself some distance. He’s not an easy boss and the best thing to do is to alternate between using Aranea and Prompto’s special attacks.

The Immortalis boss will be next on the docket. Just focus on the drills to whittle down its life. When the tendrils begin to glow, target them to blow it up and defeat the first form. It will come back stronger in its second form – focus on the center energy source and just keep attacking it until the Magitek monstrosity is destroyed.

After destroying the boss, Aranea and Prompto will part ways, and Ardyn will hunt down Prompto like a gay, jealous ex-lover and then pound him a bit before capturing him and locking him inside of the tower where Noctis and the rest of the boy band save him.

Final Fantasy XV - Ardyn

Once the episode ends you’ll unlock the new tundra gear for Prompto to use in your main game, along with a new Intensive Training mode where you can fight against the “Commodore”, Aranea.


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