Flying Tigers: Shadows over China Cheats Add Infinite Health, Fast Kills
Flying Tigers Cheats
(Last Updated On: June 3, 2017)

Ace Maddox’s Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China has managed to capture an audience of gamers looking to experience something different from their World War 2 ventures. The game takes place in an area rarely covered by most other World War 2 properties by placing gamers over the seas of Japan and in the heart of the China and Burma theater during the second World War.

For gamers who have been playing, and losing, in Flying Tigers, there’s some much-needed help in the form of a cheat trainer.

You can download the cheat trainer right now from over on the Mr. Antifun trainer page.

The trainer is the typical size of the other trainers, clocking in at only 4.4MB.

There are only three cheats in the trainer, including infinite health, infinite focus and fast kill. All three cheats are pretty self-explanatory.

There are no special requirements to get the cheats to work. Just boot the game up and pop open the trainer and you should be good to go.

The game has received fairly positive reviews over on Steam, as it mixes in arcade flying with a dash of historical realism. The game sports more than 20 different fighter planes from that era that players can man, ranging from American craft, British planes and Russian bombers, to Chinese flyers and Japanese aircraft.

There’s even a first and third-person mode for players who prefer the realism of sitting in the cockpit, or those who like to see themselves pulling off fancy moves via a chase cam.

Players will fly through the mountains of Burma and India, as well as the forests of China and the cityscapes of the far East.

You can grab the cheat trainer now if you already own a copy of Flying Tigers. Alternatively you can grab a digital version of the game from the Steam store for $14.99. Given that there is an online multiplayer mode, it’s advised not to use the cheat trainer when playing multiplayer, otherwise you will be VAC banned.

Remember to always cheat responsibly… especially if you don’t want to get caught. Otherwise your carelessness may result in you winding up being punished with unwanted responsibilities, such as ridiculously high diaper bills.

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