Future Fragments, 18+ Metroidvania Puts Players In A Future Where Sex Is Outlawed

Future Fragments

A hentai-themed 2D Metroidvania with hand-painted visuals, extremely smooth animations, and action-oriented gameplay is currnetly in development called Future Fragments. The game is a time-traveling mystery that involves two characters who come from an under-siege civilization in the past, and they must travel into the future to secure magical relics in order to save their land.

Players take on the role of Talia, an 18-year-old magic user who is one of the two warriors sent into the future in order to recover special magically imbued armor fragments that must be returned to her land. Her arch rival, Faye, was also sent into the future to collect the fragments, but she has her own goals in mind.

In the future, 3000 AD, Talia discovers that World Organization for Regulation of the Masses, abbreviated to W.O.R.M., has outlawed pleasure, sex and relationships. Thus, those in the future are crazy horny people.

Talia must battle through the enemy forces and avoid being ravaged by the evil W.O.R.M., minions.

It’s crazy but the plot isn’t too far off from what SJWs seem to want from current day society – a sex-negative culture fueled by gender antagonism and sexual deviancy.

The art-style in Future Fragments is especially captivating. It looks like a high-quality 2D platformer you would expect to see on the PlayStation Vita or PS3. The game has a good use of colors for the characters, and the parallax backgrounds – while simplistic – are quality made.

The game will have five large stages themed around exploration and finding secrets. There are 25 different enemies in the game, with two separate H-animations each. It’s mentioned by the developer that there could be more cut-scenes and animations depending on the choices made throughout the storyline, which includes 50 optional interactive cut-scenes, and multiple choices that can result in up to 15 different endings.

There are more than 50 power-ups, full voice acting, and dynamic music.

You can learn more about gaining access to the demo levels and the rest of the game’s features by visiting the Future Fragments Patreon page.

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