GameMaker Studio 2 Offers Game Developers Two New Versions

GameMaker Studio 2

YoYo Games announced that they have two new versions of GameMaker Studio 2 are available for both newbie and veteran game developers. They announced that the two versions are designed to accommodate the budget and skillset of those who may not need a big ‘ole huge ultimate bundle in order to create a game.

Hence, YoYo Games designed a Console version that allows straightforward development for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. You must be a registered developer on the PlayStation or Xbox platforms before you can acquire the Console license version of GameMaker Studio 2 for $799.99. It’s only a one year license, so if you’re planning on making a game that takes longer to develop, you’ll likely have to purchase a multi-year license, which could run you a couple thousand bucks.

The second version that they’ve made available is called the Ultimate edition and it allows for cross-platform compatible development across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and presumably the Nintendo Switch. There is also automatic admittance into the support community to help with the development of your project. The Ultimate edition license is available for $1,500 for a one year license.

According to James Cox, the general manager of YoYo Games, he mentioned in the press release…

“YoYo Games is a huge proponent of spreading the joy of game development to as many people as possible, as efficiently as possible,” “Based on our experience, one of the best ways to do this is by giving our users many options for purchasing a game engine, each tailored for a certain situation – the Console and Ultimate versions help do exactly that.”

For version also recently released, featuring new tool effects such as blur, reverse frame commands, and a new build timer system so you can get notifications during the build process on what’s happening as your game is being built.

You can learn more about the two new versions and the changelog for the latest update for GameMaker Studio 2 by visiting the official website.

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