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Get Even

The Farm 51 and Bandai Namco’s Get Even is now out and available. The game is a cinematic first-person shooter with sci-fi elements and a heavy focus on narrative. For gamers looking for a gameplay walkthrough, this guide will help you out with some of the puzzles and navigational elements.

Get Even is out for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game plays heavy on the theme of loss, guilt, and reliving painful memories using a device called the Pandora.

RapidRetrospectGames has the full gameplay walkthrough available for Get Even, which you can check out below.

The starting mission throws you into an area where you have a camera and must take down the soldiers and make your way to the girl with a bomb strapped to her chest.

You can use the right trigger to access the scanner and the ‘A’ button to trigger an analysis of the scan.

Use the phone to navigate your way through the warehouse and down into the basement. Make your way through the tunnel system – using the topographical map on the phone – and take out the three guards. Once you reach the girl a cinematic will trigger and then the environment will change to a new location.

Continue to navigate through the facility and examine the evidence scattered around the area. The evidence will lead you down through a hallway that leads to a door where the door switch will short-circuit the wiring in the building.

Use the phone to track the warm wires running through the walls back to the circuit breakers. The thermooptical visual filter in the phone will allow you to complete the circuit breaker puzzle. Turn on the power by activating the circuits in sequence and then proceed back through the door that was locked.

Another short cinematic will play and you’ll then need to navigate through the facility.


You can choose to save a man or leave him in the cell. If you attempt to free him he will later attempt to attack you and you’ll have to kill him.

Move through the facility until you reach the photo and trigger the memory to move to the next level.

There’s a walking simulator element to some aspects of the game where you’ll do nothing but explore certain environments until you can progress to the next segment. In the maintenance access tunnels, keep moving through the tunnels until you get to the pipes – you’ll need to turn them off and proceed through to the shooting range for the corner gun.

Once you get acclimated to using the corner gun you’ll find yourself in the ADS building.

You can literally use stealth to sneak past all the guards without firing a single shot.

You’ll need to make your way to the upper floors of the building. You can kill the NPCs who get in your way, but it will affect how they view you.

For the door access code, the numbers are located around the nearby offices. The code should be: 7945

Once you get into the server room and destroy the servers and data at Advanced Defense Strategies, you can take the upgraded Hawk for the cornergun and then kill the two guards before another cinematic plays.

When you get back to the asylum with the mad hatter, there’s a locked door that will prevent you from progressing. The code to get through the door is: 1845

When you reach the man with the crowbar, shoot the radio to get him to move away from the door so you can proceed.

Shortly thereafter another walking sim segment will commence. Simply follow the pathway until the cinematic ends and you end back up in the asylum.

The man, if you freed him in the beginning, will have killed the other patients. You can either kill him or incapacitate him with a melee attack.

A large portion of the following segments will be walking sim oriented. You’ll simply need to follow the pathways or examine photos.

A new character named Jasper enters the picture that seems to have something to do with the girl and the bomb.

Black begins to explore the memories attached to Jasper Prado, while Red warns him to stay on target and only focus on the facts.

In the memory fragment following the crime scene memory after returning to the bomb scene, you’ll simply need to walk around and examine more clues and use the camera to uncover more of the memories related to Jasper.

Follow the sounds within the area to trigger the memory sequences.

Once you cover the memories, move to the back of the area and proceed through the door into the warehouse – as you move further in the music will give you clues as to whether you’re moving in the right direction.

The memory sequence will end and Black will end back up in the asylum.

New information around the area reveals that Jasper Prado may have been the victim of an assassination after being discharged from the military a decade prior.

Black begins to suspect that Jasper may have actually been the one tied to the chair and not the girl. However, Red, the handler, dissuades Black from pursuing further.

In order to trigger the next memory segment, focus on the picture on the board. You’ll head back into the same memory as before, but slightly earlier than before.

Use the scanner on the blood spot on the ground; it will be Jasper Prado’s blood and will add a new memory to the database.

If you care about uncovering more of the story elements, do not shoot. Getting into a shootout will disrupt the memory and limit the information you receive to uncover what happened to Prado.

Also, limit the amount of guys you kill and pay attention to their conversation, as they will reveal key details about Prado.

After the memory gets distorted and Black exits, you can switch to a silenced pistol version of the corner gun if you want. You can then enter back into the memory through the picture on the wall.

Exit from the room and there’s another pathway that will lead you into a warehouse area with some mercenaries.

Stealth through the segment to avoid causing memory disruptions.

Proceed to the left after you follow the one mercenary into the next room and there’s a hostage being kept in a separate room. Keep moving through the hallways until you get to the room where Jasper’s dead body is located.

Look at the photo on the crate to go back into the memory hub room and then look at the picture on the desk to go back into the asylum.

You can choose to help the guard from ADS by giving him a crowbar or move through the asylum.

Head outside and across the yard into the next area where the paintings are; use the camera to scan and analyze the paintings.

Continue to make your way through the ward; depending on whether or not you free some of the patients may determine if they kill other patients.

You’ll need to reactivate the power in the ward with the paintings, you’ll find it upstairs. Also, examine the gynecological chair and you’ll uncover DNA of Lenore Ramsey.

There’s also a letter from Cole Black about Grace Ramsey’s kidnapping.

More walking sim segments will commence. You can watch the cinematics to better understand what happened involving the Ramsey family.

Use the time piece in the center of the contraption to change around the platform and view more of the memories.

Once you finish the memory that reveals Rose Atkins and Robert Ramsey had an affair, the memory will end.

After waking up, Red will provide Black with a new photo to examine, which will take him to a new location.

You can’t do anything in the room, so use the photo to exit and then grab the cornergun.

Use the photo on the wall after grabbing the gun and then use the camera analysis on the door.

There are hostile soldiers in the area, so don’t be afraid to use a gun on them.

Analyze the fingerprints on the bottles in the room after you take out the mercenaries.

Examine all of the relevant objects and notes in the staging area, and then proceed upstairs, as indicated in the walkthrough below from GamersPrey.

There are a few more objects you scan – including bottles with Jasper’s fingerprints on it, and Rose’s jacket with her DNA on it. This will add to the evidence that Mr. Black is collecting. Also, as you move through the area continue to scan and analyze laptops, phones, food stuff and clothing.

Use the cornergun to take out the other mercenaries after you go upstairs.

Get Rose’s password by scanning the ID in the upper room. Head back downstairs and use the ID on the computer to access Rose’s computer.

This will trigger another memory where Black will see Prados’ men storming into the Ramsey’s house and taking Grace.

The memory finally reveals that Grace Ramsey is the girl with the bomb strapped to her at the beginning of the game.

Mr. Black also discovers that Future Defence Group had Rose Atkins working for them as their “inside man” under Robert Ramsey.

Examine the evidence surrounding Rose and there’s a picture on the board you can use to trigger the memory to discover Mr. Black’s role in the events, as well as why Rose betrayed Ramsey.

Scan Rose’s purse on the ground when you get into the graveyard.

Follow the purse ringtones further into the cemetery. Every time you get close it will disappear and move further in – you can either dodge the mercs and go through stealthy or you can blast through the baddies with the cornergun.

Make your way through the cemetery into the FDG compound where there’s a keypad. Use the UV light on the camera to uncover the fingerprints on the pad.

The code to enter the FDG building is: 860

Inside the building there are a series of e-mails from Rose to Clara revealing that she started at the bottom of FDG and began working her way up by getting people fired using nefarious means and sleeping with Robert Ramsey for a raise.

After you finish reading the e-mails you’ll end up in an elevator room with a power shortage. You’ll see how to complete the power shortage puzzle in the video below after the five minute mark.

During the process of examining the memory, Black learns that he kills Rose Atkins by pushing her out of the office window. He claims that he was trying to save Grace Ramsey.

Black ends back up in the asylum – you can examine the painting for DNA, and also analyze the substance under the desk to cover more evidence.

If you don’t drink from the bowl, and attempt to leave the room for the Puppet Master, you’ll have to fight your way through a memory filled with deadly mannequins.

Follow the path laid out in front of you, and head down into the mannequin storage.

Proceed through the areas until you get to the wall with the picture of Robert and Black’s meeting.

Once inside the level, you’ll need to exercise stealth to disrupting the memory.

The area is large enough where you can sneak around and past most NPCs.

The level is fairly large, so use the camera to spot out enemies and slither around them like a snake in the weeds.

Proceed through the field toward the warehouse where the meeting between Howard and Black takes place.

After the meeting memory ends, Red pulls the plug on the asylum, revealing to Black that the asylum was just a simulation to keep Black’s adrenaline high; the inmates were just a figment of Black’s imagination.

After Black is revealed to be in a coma at the command of Ramsey, a psychoanalysis of Black commences based on the player’s actions throughout the game. The last sequence involves Dr. Ramsey reviewing the most stable memory from Black.


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