Girls On Tanks, 18+ Turn-Based Strategy Game Launches On Nutaku
Girls On Tanks

Tired of the standard ‘ole Advanced Wars and Super Robot Taisen? Need a bit of an extra kick to that tank penetration? Do you need some long rods to clean out the enemy shafts? Are you looking to get down and dirty by cleaning out the back door of various tanks? Well, if you answered with an emphatic “Yes!” to all of those questions, then you’ll probably most definitely enjoy Girls on Tanks.

The new free-to-play adult strategy game sees players take on the role of the general of the United Defense Force. Your goal is to recruit able-bodied (and ample-bodied) forces, upgrade your units and bang out the enemy with your dynamite tank girls.

The game obviously combines the strategy and tactical prowess required from turn-based war games with the critical thinking skills of the typical military style macromanagement games.

Players will command their units on the ground using the squares to move across the various, colorfully animated and depicted battlefields, while also taking down enemy forces using copters, APCs, tanks and other air and ground support.

As you upgrade your officers and increase your relationships with them you can also unlock some super sexy-time with them. This includes both animated and interactive sex scenes to satisfy those urges after a tough day on the battlefield.

To be a free-to-play game Girls on Tanks offers up five different territories to battle through and more than 80 different levels to conquer.

There’s both a PvE and PvP mode, along with 14 different unique unit types to utilize during the combat phase. Previously Nutaku had been running a pre-registration phase for the game, so for those of you who jumped in on the offer you can redeem the goods now that the game has officially gone live.

You can play the game right now over on the NSFW Girls on Tanks Nutaku page.


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