GTA 5’s ScriptHookV Update Delayed Until Take-Two, OpenIV Situation Resolved

GTA 5 Knight Rider

Alexander Blade, the creator of ScriptHookV, has delayed any release for the script loader until the legal situation involving Take-Two Interactive and the OpenIV team is resolved.

The news comes from Good-NTS, the Russian programmer who designed OpenIV for GTA V. Recently OpenIV was hit with a cease and desist letter from Take-Two Interactive. The tool is what’s used to mod in new content into the single-player portion of the game. Take-Two obviously thought that by shutting down the single-player modding scene they could force people into paying for GTA Online content. It didn’t work out as they had planned.

Another tool necessary to mod GTA V is ScriptHookV. The dll injector allows gamers to load in custom scripts that allow for a wide assortment of different game configuration mods, including the live your life mods, LSPD mods, zombie mods, and other script-oriented mods. After the Gunrunning update for GTA Online launched, Rockstar updated the encryption for the game and now the current version ScriptHookV no longer works. Gamers and modders have been anxious for Blade to update ScriptHookV so they can use it with the latest GTA V update.

However, according to Good-NTS, he conferred with popular YouTuber Taltigolt, explaining that Blade wants to see how the Take-Two and OpenIV situation is resolved before making any moves.

This means that everyone asking about SHV needs to wait and be patient.

The message from Good-NTS to Taltigolt was conveyed to the rest of the community via the GTA Forums administrator, informing all those who keep asking about ScriptHookV, and whether or not Alexander Blade will update it.

If the update does not arrive, then the GTA V modding community truly will be dead.

On the upside, there is a minor workaround for OpenIV.

A video explains how you can disable the update wizard so you can continue to use the OpenIV tool and mod GTA V.

If the video doesn’t work for you, GTA5-Mods moderator Reyser offered some tips that you can follow below.

1.- You must have the latest one (released the 15/06/2017 (“dd/MM/yyyy” format)) installed first.
2.- If you’ve already downloaded the one on my profile, open the ZIP and double click to
the oviupdate.exe file.
3.- Once finished the “update” (revert back) progress, press Exit.
4.- Now, go to “C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\New Technology Studio\Apps\OpenIV” path and follow the process of the video (Where in the video appears a 181 number you’ll have a 0, just change it to 182.
5.- Done. If you did all correctly, now the “Uninstall” or/and “Uninstall later” message shouldn’t appear.

Of course, it still doesn’t fix the problem of not being able to use mods like the Knight Rider script.

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