Hellion 0.2 Update Adds Female Avatars, Weapons And Tons Of Bug Fixes

Hellion 02

Zero Gravity released a new trailer for their sci-fi, space survival game, Hellion. Not only did they release a new trailer highlighting the new gameplay changes and updates for version 0.2, which launches today, they also released a really snazzy cinematic trailer as well to help lure in people who are easily swayed by synthwave drum and base tunes and nihilistic sci-fi overtones.

The cinematic trailer is only a minute and a half long, and it features the narration of Ashley Gould and some purely awesome music by Temple of the Smoke and Marko Zivanovic. You’ll definitely want to check it out below.

The cinematic trailer obviously didn’t help much with explaining anything, but the Hellion 0.2 changelog over on the official content patch page it briefly rolls out all the new changes and updates.

They’ve added male and female avatars for the character creation, the ability to tag equipment boxes with custom names, and the ability to choose the name for custom ships.

A new starting scene when beginning a new game has been added, along with a tutorial to help you learn the controls and gameplay mechanics.

Two new character weapons have been added, along with two new grenade types, and tweaks to the way the players can interact with their ships. You can see some of these changes in effect with the 0.2 changelog video below.

Given the game’s focus and reliance on Newtonian physics and limited use of resources for player survival, it’s essential to learn how to navigate the world in zero gravity, and acclimate to the play space. It’s probably one of the few games where a tutorial was actually essential for learning how to play the game properly.

New resources have been added, loot distribution has been adjusted, and bug fixes spanning maneuverability to interactivity have been issued.

Hellion continues to move through the Early Access phase of development, and you can learn more about it by visiting the Steam store page.

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