Hello Games Will Continue To Develop Content For No Man’s Sky
(Last Updated On: June 4, 2017)

No Man’s Sky stirred up quite the controversy when it hit both PC and PS4, and the fuss continued months after its initial release. However, there are some gamers out there who love the game for what it has to offer and took their love for the game a step further and asked Hello Games whether or not development will continue for No Man’s Sky.

It’s true, after the whole fiasco spurred up about “bullshots” and false advertisement, as well as content that was talked about during interviews that seemed to be absent from the base game, and a list of other conundrums, Hello Games went silent. The team was almost constantly posting updates about the game’s progress or something on social media prior to the hornet’s nest that was its launch. Prior to launch we had all sorts of jolly good images, like the one below.

The last update published for No Man’s Sky was the Pathfinder patch that dropped on March 27th, which in hind sight stands to be a month and a half of silence regarding the space sim game.

But never fear, an anonymous Hello Games dev took to the team’s official Twitter account to update fans by answering a fan’s question whether or not the game would see updates in the future or not.

In addition to the above, this certain fan’s question comes in by Mark Bell, who forcefully inserted “please reply” to make sure his question would be heard by the devs. And lo and behold, a dev replied and everything below marks the start of more content to come for the silly game, I mean… space sim.

I’m sure a lot of fans invested in No Man’s Sky already know that content is coming sooner or later, but for those who don’t regularly keep up with Hello Games or No Man’s Sky might not know what’s been going on with the Sci-Fi space game. And to see that the devs replied not too long ago that the game will receive more content means that, maybe, just maybe, it will be something far more than its Steam “Mixed” and “Mostly Negative” reviews.

No Man’s Sky released back in August of 2016 and is currently available for PC and PS4, more information pertaining to this game can be found by hitting up nomanssky.com.

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  • AlecJ

    I like the game and still play it. It was probably a bit over priced for what it was at launch, but given the new content and continued play ive gotten out of it, i dont feel the least bit sour.

    Ive gotten more out of No Man’s Sky than many a game….and like this piece says….content is still coming.

    Murray made some PR mistakes, but the rabid response was hard to understand considering the garbage released at AAA prices….

    Ghostbusters deserved all the crap NMS got. It was released around the same time. Cost $50 and was a travesty of epic proportions.

    It wasnt merely slightly over sold like NMS, it was flaming dumpster garbage……

  • Gozu Tennoh

    Where is this small team getting the money to stay in business if no one is buying thier game and all they plan to do is update it?

    • Gaijin-

      If they have an inch of dignity, they’re using whatever money they got from Sony to cover the development costs. Or maybe Sony is footing the bill. Who knows, it’s certainly puzzling.

  • ParasiteX

    Game is still pretty shit. Especially for the overbloated €60 price they are still charging for this joke of a game at Steam.

    You want a fun and better priced exploration game? Then check out Subnautica. You will get out a lot more for your moneys worth from that.

    • durka durka

      ……psst….planet explorers

    • RichardGristle

      The Solus Project is also a fantastic game for its price tag.

    • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      Subnautica is almost just as bad. From the lack of meaningful content, broken promises, complete shit coding, money grab compromising for console releases, to the devs constant removal of content (especially anything dynamic, which they blame on people’s hardware rather than their fore mentioned shit coding) and their completely unprofessional use of the game to make pointless and nonsense statements about unrelated real life matters.

      Subnautica had some good ideas but thanks to how amateurish they are handling it the product is nothing more than yet another poor and lacking indy title. They should have stuck with the original plan for a low visual fidelity simple game instead of biting off more than they can obviously chew.

      • ParasiteX

        Last i checked Subnautica weren’t charging €60 on Steam… While they do take their time with updates. They still do update the game.
        They where honest from the start that it’s a work in progress Early Access title. So there is ALWAYS risk that things wont always go as planned. Which is a common problem with almost all EA titles. But that is a risk the buyers take when they buy an EA title..

        And they have a far more finished game in Subnauticas current state than in NMS.

        • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

          Claiming Subnautica is a more finished game is hyperbole at best. It has little actual content, limited mechanics, a small static map and basically no polish. What few actual content, mechanics and story are in the game are mostly half finished or buggy if not outright broken.

          While it does have the excuse of being in EA still that really doesn’t go far given how long it’s been in development and how many times release has been pushed with so little to show for it. Especially with how many promised features have been cut or pushed to the “maybe at some point post release” category. In it’s current state it’s no more worth the 20 dollar price tag than the current version of NMS is worth the 60. Especially when how the devs have handled it so far is taken into account.

          Maybe it will be a great game when it is finished and releases but right now it’s simply a half-assed mess every bit as much as NMS was (but with even less polish and worse coding). The only positive it has is that it is still in EA so has a chance to not release in the same condition NMS did. If that will actually happen or not tho has yet to be seen.

  • durka durka

    Well you would think this game would not sell on pc with all those others game like it, but the steam and gog versions together are over a million. At 60 bucks

    • It may be derivative but it does have a unique art-style, and the hook of exploring the galaxy seamless is done quite well. A lot of other games have trouble streamlining that aspect of the gameplay. But yeah, it definitely sold better than it had any right to on PC.

      • durka durka

        Hey i like the game but compared to starbound it lacks alot, i hope one day it becomes as big as starbound.

        • There’s a heck o fa lot of stuff you can do in Starbound that I don’t think will ever be possible in No Man’s Sky (such as the BioShock Infinite Skyrails) but hopefully Hello Games can surprise us with some stuff.

          • durka durka

            Too many things that are unecessary.

    • ParasiteX

      Steamspy stats doesn’t take into account refunds. So that number may not be entirely accurate.

    • Disqusted

      I think people will buy stuff, even if it sucks shit, as long as lots of people keep talking about it.

    • Jarten

      I know for me I had gotten the game on just about day 1 from gog, but I did not really even know anything about the game other than you have a ship and can explore tons of planets. Surprisingly though, that lack of knowledge about the game made it so I enjoyed it for quite a good number of hours because I really like exploring and seeing random things in games. I was able to make it well past the 60hr mark, and since I tend to feel like I want at least an hour for each dollar spent I think I got about my money’s worth on it. I know not everyone can’t say the same though.

  • tajlund

    The game itself is solid, the updates provide a lot of great features. Most of the complainers were actually mad about features that were never promised. Too many people assumed things that weren’t said and filled in the blanks with their own overblown wishlists. I found dozens of people angry about features that were actually from moron youtubers and never once mentioned by Hello Games. Actually many of the “missing” creatures have actually been found in the second and third galaxies. (But not the giant snakes, still crossing our fingers for a future update.) The game is what is what it was designed to be, a contemplative, sometimes awe inspiring, quiet, solitary journey through unexplored space.

    Many of the missing features of NMS are coming in future patches. But, if the dreamed of multiplayer that (morons) demanded be put in actually occurs, that is probably my last day playing the game. There are some ways they could do it that would work, but many of the idiots want to turn it into some version of COD in space.

    Hello Games was full of crap about the “no skybox” and planetary rotation issues though.

    • Disqusted

      “Too many people assumed things that weren’t said and filled in the blanks with their own overblown wishlists.”

      Good example of how important expectations are. When games are announced, depending on available footage and summary, people speculate and create expectations. How they react to the end product is always heavily influenced by that. Games often don’t turn out how people imagine them to be.

    • stryker1999

      People online would rather spread memes than try to find things out for themselves. And for sure, I scoured the net for every bit of NMS info I could before it was released, so I had a pretty good idea what I was buying. And it was even better than I expected.

      Of course kids would rather “learn” about things from watching YouTube vids than taking the time to read anything, so naturally they thought it would be an MMO in which you rode giant sand worms and seduced alien space babes. When Sean and some other people made it clear you would be pretty much alone. I’d rather not meet another player either, because most kids will want to kill you and mess up your day.

      Most of these ninnies in the gaming media don’t have any more sense than their counterparts in the world news, so I can count on being reminded in EVERY SINGLE STORY that Sean Murray ripped us off and is currently in hiding eating kittens. Meanwhile, No Man’s Sky is still there offering a virtual galaxy to explore, far larger than the Milky Way, and full of fascinating, often beautiful worlds and unusual lifeforms. Could it be better? Sure. I wish the team would put some serious work into the lore of these old civilizations, and more consequence with the races in the Euclid galaxy. And yeah, making the teleporters or gates work – TWO way, please, I want to return to my ship. But the game is a good game if you let go of your ideal dream game you sold to yourself, and your grudge that Hello Games didn’t make it for you.

      • Murray didn’t help himself by not simply coming out and saying there was no multiplayer. He danced around the issue and led some people on with comments he made indicating that there would be multiplayer.


        If you didn’t follow every morsel of information you would be led to believe the game had multiplayer. Whose fault is it that he went on mainstream shows and broadcasts for millions to see and said things that were patently false?