Hello Games Will Continue To Develop Content For No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky stirred up quite the controversy when it hit both PC and PS4, and the fuss continued months after its initial release. However, there are some gamers out there who love the game for what it has to offer and took their love for the game a step further and asked Hello Games whether or not development will continue for No Man’s Sky.

It’s true, after the whole fiasco spurred up about “bullshots” and false advertisement, as well as content that was talked about during interviews that seemed to be absent from the base game, and a list of other conundrums, Hello Games went silent. The team was almost constantly posting updates about the game’s progress or something on social media prior to the hornet’s nest that was its launch. Prior to launch we had all sorts of jolly good images, like the one below.

The last update published for No Man’s Sky was the Pathfinder patch that dropped on March 27th, which in hind sight stands to be a month and a half of silence regarding the space sim game.

But never fear, an anonymous Hello Games dev took to the team’s official Twitter account to update fans by answering a fan’s question whether or not the game would see updates in the future or not.

In addition to the above, this certain fan’s question comes in by Mark Bell, who forcefully inserted “please reply” to make sure his question would be heard by the devs. And lo and behold, a dev replied and everything below marks the start of more content to come for the silly game, I mean… space sim.

I’m sure a lot of fans invested in No Man’s Sky already know that content is coming sooner or later, but for those who don’t regularly keep up with Hello Games or No Man’s Sky might not know what’s been going on with the Sci-Fi space game. And to see that the devs replied not too long ago that the game will receive more content means that, maybe, just maybe, it will be something far more than its Steam “Mixed” and “Mostly Negative” reviews.

No Man’s Sky released back in August of 2016 and is currently available for PC and PS4, more information pertaining to this game can be found by hitting up nomanssky.com.

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