How to Make Money by Playing Games
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(Last Updated On: June 15, 2017)

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If you love to play games then you may want to make some money through this hobby. In this article, we’ll be helping you figure out the ways for you to get the cash rolling in while you play.

Farming Gold and Items

Playing in RPGs with item and gold farming can take your gaming time to the next level. There are plenty of people willing to pay real money for in game perks. If you’re quick to collect up limited edition items then you can often sell these for a hefty profit.

There are auction sites and forums that you can use to connect with these buyers. Use PayPal or similar payment systems if you want to make sure you are protected to the end of the transactions.

Testing Games

This career can be slightly glamourized but you should know what you’re signing up for. It’s not all about checking out the latest releases, some of it can be incredibly monotonous. This includes checking the same bugs over and over or looking for small inconsistencies within the game.

For those that are actually willing to stick this out, you can make a tidy sum from this career. It’s also a good way to get started in the gaming industry as a whole and understand more about the way it works.

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Writing Walkthroughs and Guides

As soon as a new game appears on the scene, walkthroughs and guides are at a premium. If you write one of these and monetise your site, the chances are you can make a lot of money for it. Take for example those offering Shrine solutions for Breath of the Wild, this was one of the largest expansions of new search terms in Google and those that matched them made a tidy profit.

Gambling Online

You don’t have to spend anything to start playing free bingo for real money, as there are a plethora of bingo sites that will give you bonus offers and perks to play with. You will have to be aware of the terms that these bingo sites will stipulate, as they can prevent you from withdrawing your money.


A significant amount of money can also be made from streaming your adventures online with advertisers. You will need to be careful to balance the kind of content you’re creating with your advertisers, as too many adverts will cause your viewers to dwindle.

Watching other streamers on sites like YouTube can help to inform you of how to make a successful channel of games. Even providing video reviews or reactions to previews can help you to be more visible online, which will in turn bring you more ad revenue. This is a pretty competitive market though, so you may take a while to break into it and start earning.

There we have it, these ventures can potentially get you earning from your favourite hobby, so why not give them a go? We’d all love to play games for a living, you might just be lucky enough to make that a reality.

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    Know these articles happen cause you got to pay the bills, but I always get a chuckle out of how unsubtle the online gambling links.

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    • LOL… the native ads would be a chore to write. Thankfully I don’t have to put in that kind of time, but it would be really hard for me not to take potshots at the whole thing if I did write the content.

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    Step 1.- Be skinny
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    • That’s a really good way to make some extra dosh.