Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Unleashes Super Teenage Cringe On August 31st
Life is Strange Before The Storm
(Last Updated On: June 13, 2017)

During this year’s E3 Square Enix and Deck Nine Games unveiled Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. It’s a prequel game spanning just a few episodes before the events of the original Life is Strange.

The new game isn’t being made by Dontnod Entertainment, though. Deck Nine Games have taken over the developmental duties and are working on the teenage drama series starring Chloe and Rachel this time around. IGN managed to get nearly half an hour’s worth of footage of the game, which you can see in action below.

They’ve apparently replaced Ashley Burch with another voice actress, and they also removed the time-traveling abilities that Max could utilize during the original series.

According to Deck Nine Games, they mention that Chloe is like a “wrecking ball” and that’s how her story will unfold.

The developers also confirmed that lesbian relationships are also coming back. Some players were enthralled with having Max and Chloe engaged in a relationship together, and in the original game we already knew that Chloe and Rachel were a couple before Rachel went missing (**Spoilers** Rachel got raped and killed by the pedophile photography teacher).

The 20 minute demonstration follows Chloe and Rachel’s budding relationship, them doing teenage boring stuff, and some of the other cast of characters they’ll meet.

The only way I was able to suffer through the first season of Life is Strange is because of the time-traveling aspects, but that teenage drama nonsense was so cringe-worthy that it felt like my teeth were grinding down from being gritted so much.

Anyway, the multi-choice dialogue options will return, the bad teenage dialogue is most certainly back, and the time traveling is gone.

You can go on this trip back to the annoying teenage days of Arcadia Bay’s most delinquent rejects starting August 31st for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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    Oh. Joy. More Lesbian Hipster shit. Just what I always wanted.

  • tajlund

    Okay, I have officially awoken in an alternate universe. Followed a facebook link to RPS and they called Life is Strange “The game that taught Telltale how it’s done”. SERIOUSLY! WTF. At least when Telltale makes a whiny unlikable character they are usually a bad guy. Life is Strange is literally as if a bunch of Telltale interns got together with some weed and said “Hey, lets make a horrible ripoff of Telltale games but without any of the charm or decent character development”.

  • LurkerJK
    • tajlund

      Two things 1. WTF is a Gaz tank? Is that some edgy crap or something? 2.”Stupid Gun”, really, you shoot at a piece of metal and don’t expect a ricochet? Standard Leftist lunatic thinking, in that one simple statement you can tell everything you need to know about the writer.

      • Feli Aslan

        How big are even the chances that a ricochet shoots right back at you? Wouldn’t it be even more likely that a little bit girly-butch lesbian-chan gets hit?

        • tajlund

          Yep either way would be a freak accident. That being said, freak accidents happen every day. Don’t shoot at anything that you don’t know for sure the bullet will embed in or punch through (and then know what’s behind your target). You never want ricochets. Too many variables. I saw a few really scary ricochets on the range during basic when rounds would ping off the baseplate. Saw a couple tracers wing back over the shooters.

          • Feli Aslan

            Damn, now I wish even more that she had died here, because of her own stupidness. I was already absolutely disappointed that it wasn’t Chloe who killed her girlfriend, simply because I think that this would have made her a far more interesting and intriguing character.

  • Blake

    Didn’t they say that they weren’t going to be at E3? I don’t care and I’m not going to play it but lying about that just seems weird

    • Dontnod said that about Life is Strange 2. This is Deck Nine Games, a completely different development studio.

  • Disqusted


  • Michael P

    First and only game to have triggered the fuck out of me, talked of rottweilers in the pejorative.

    If I were King for a day, this sin would be punishable by death.

  • White Heat

    Pointless prequel as Chloe dies in LIS.

    • Disqusted

      Maybe they’ll let us actually kill her in this one!

      …of course they won’t. Sigh.

      • LurkerJK

        They just need to let the player “not save her”, you know that in any timeline longer than 15 minutes she would find a way to kill herself.

        I think Lemmings were better at keeping themselves alive

    • Feli Aslan

      Even without the Cast full of Hipsters this would be boring. Like, this is the same reason why Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 was lame as fuck, we all knew right from the beginning that David Bowie No. 1997 will go nuts and that all the new characters we see in this one will either die or disappear at the end. And in this case they even demand money for watching a cringy hipster teen lesbian story while at the same time thanks to korean webcomics I can read an edgy psycho teen lesbian story for free in the internet.

  • Alistair

    Ouch I didn’t know life is strange had a rape scene in there as it a SJW game as in they wouldn’t like it.

    Because any other type of game like outlast had a rape scene it NOT ALLOW.

    Shows hypocrisy.

    • The rape wasn’t actually in the game, it was inferred. We found out that the photography teacher was taking young girls and photographing them after drugging them. After he did his thing with them he would kill them. We find out that Rachel was one of his victims, and we briefly see some of her pictures in his pedo book.

      • Disqusted

        That’s what I liked most about Life is Strange. They did a pretty good job with the red herring thing and what was really going on. It’s a pretty serious thing that actually happens in reality but most people aren’t aware of or pretends doesn’t happen.

        I think the whole time power stuff (wasn’t cleverly done) and Chloe crap really detracted from the good parts. And now they’re making a prequel of the worst parts of the original. Great.

        I feel like I don’t care about Rachel Amber either, because HOLY SHIT people wouldn’t shut up about her in the first game. I originally thought Chloe killed her over perceived betrayal, and buried her because there’s a mound in Chloe’s back yard.

        • The story outline for Life is Strange looks pretty good on paper. Unfortunately in execution it was… cringe-worthy.

          • Disqusted

            I remember complaining a lot about the first episode. Holy shit the writing for that was so bad. It got less bad later, but it was still an old guy pretending to be a bunch of asshole emo teens. Not exactly appealing.

            What confuses me the most is that there are people who actually like Chloe. I guess that’s how shitty annoying people are still able to make friends.

        • Blake

          You must love David Cage

      • Feli Aslan

        Never considered him a pedo, in germany, the nation that broke the testicles of france once and for all, the age of consent is 14. I wouldn’t consider him a murderer either, as hipsters are not human at all and I wouldn’t call him a rapist because if a SJW claims rape it doesn’t means anything these days. But the drugging is bad, nobody should do something like this.

          • Feli Aslan

            But we need some more rape in games. Like, in the world of Manga, famous characters like Guts from Berserk, Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul or Alucard from Hellsing where all raped and they all are kinda savage action-heroes. In Tokyo Ghoul, rape turned the character Tooru Mutsuki from a trans-betaboy into a savage serial killer-monster hunter-rapist. I’m sure a little bit of rape could make all our favorite video game protagonists even more awesome and even turn all those lame and boring cringe-characters into savage heroes.

  • Alistair

    I just leave this here. You never guess how I got that number like it did. 😄