Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Unleashes Super Teenage Cringe On August 31st
Life is Strange Before The Storm

During this year’s E3 Square Enix and Deck Nine Games unveiled Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. It’s a prequel game spanning just a few episodes before the events of the original Life is Strange.

The new game isn’t being made by Dontnod Entertainment, though. Deck Nine Games have taken over the developmental duties and are working on the teenage drama series starring Chloe and Rachel this time around. IGN managed to get nearly half an hour’s worth of footage of the game, which you can see in action below.

They’ve apparently replaced Ashley Burch with another voice actress, and they also removed the time-traveling abilities that Max could utilize during the original series.

According to Deck Nine Games, they mention that Chloe is like a “wrecking ball” and that’s how her story will unfold.

The developers also confirmed that lesbian relationships are also coming back. Some players were enthralled with having Max and Chloe engaged in a relationship together, and in the original game we already knew that Chloe and Rachel were a couple before Rachel went missing (**Spoilers** Rachel got raped and killed by the pedophile photography teacher).

The 20 minute demonstration follows Chloe and Rachel’s budding relationship, them doing teenage boring stuff, and some of the other cast of characters they’ll meet.

The only way I was able to suffer through the first season of Life is Strange is because of the time-traveling aspects, but that teenage drama nonsense was so cringe-worthy that it felt like my teeth were grinding down from being gritted so much.

Anyway, the multi-choice dialogue options will return, the bad teenage dialogue is most certainly back, and the time traveling is gone.

You can go on this trip back to the annoying teenage days of Arcadia Bay’s most delinquent rejects starting August 31st for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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