Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Demo Now Available On Xbox One
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
(Last Updated On: June 20, 2017)

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite‘s free demo already made its way onto the PS4 and PS4 Pro back during E3. However, Xbox One gamers can finally get their hands on the free demo starting today.

Over on Major Nelson’s blog we learn that the demo is available right now for digital download from the Xbox store.

If you need a look at what the demo entails and what sort of content you can expect to play, there’s a video below from Shirrako featuring the demo story content.

The first few minutes features Captain America duking it out against Ultron Sigma’s robot minions. Other characters such as Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy, Chun-Li and Captain Marvel are also on display.

Much like Street Fighter V and all of NetherRealm Studio’s newest fighting games since Mortal Kombat 9, the story mode in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite centers around switching between different characters as the story progresses.

The demo follows the remnant of heroes who survived Ultron Sigma’s attack, as Chris Redfield and Dr. Strange lead a team into Sigma’s prison to free the Mad Titan, Thanos. Rocket objects to freeing Thanos, but Chris says they have a job to do.


Back outside, Thor, Spencer, Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Captain America battle against Ultron Sigma.

The fighting is actually kind of a placeholder for the story this time around. The focus is on trying to weave in the characters as things unfold involving the combined forces of Ultron and Sigma.

The video doesn’t end until it also shows some pre-order bonuses, including character skins featuring a decked out Mega Man X, World War Hulk, and Unworthy Thor.

The fighting looks okay. It’s not quite as over-the-top as Marvel vs Capcom 3, nor is it as technical as Tekken or as smooth as Injustice 2. Even still, there will be plenty Capcom and Marvel fans who will be absolutely thrilled to get their hands on the game this fall.

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  • Disqusted

    I tried the PS4 demo the day it came out. Captain Marvel has a nice face. That’s about all I cared about. Visuals were okay, although the characters didn’t stand out over the backgrounds that much. Dunno, just didn’t like the feel of it, didn’t care for the characters. Also hate the 4 button control scheme.

    A fighting game’s first demo being a story demo rings warning bells in my mind. I think most people interested in MvsC:I aren’t playing it for the story. Couldn’t take Ultron Sigma seriously because his voice didn’t sound scary. The script and dialogue in general was also kinda cheesy, I dunno.

    A friend keeps telling me there’s a rumor going around that Disney asked Capcom to make the Capcom characters less appealing. No idea if it’s true, but Chun li sure has a really nasty face. Wouldn’t put it past Disney, going from the things I keep hearing about their recent behavior in general.

    Same friend also told me that pros are coming out in defense of the game, saying that if you don’t buy it you’re not a real fighting game player, or some complete bullshit like that. Soros bux must have got to them.

    I saw a combo video on YouTube that used MvsC2 music, and that made the game feel better. Funny.

    • RichardGristle

      I think Captain Marvel is pretty hot – at least as far as MvC:I aesthetics go – but her forehead/the top of her head looks massive to me. But at least she didn’t get run over by the ugly-steamroller like Chun.

      Disney has a TON (read: all) control over MvC decisions, and knowing that company combined with how cucky Capcom is lately, it wouldn’t surprise me if shady stuff was happening.

      Your friend is also right about top players shilling the game hard. I won’t call out anyone in particular, but it’s pretty much exactly who you’d expect if you know about the MvC scene.

      Edit: Aris had a pretty great rant about the latter

      • Disqusted

        I think Captain Marvel looks best from the front, not so great from the side. Chun Li reminds me of Pigsy from Monkey Magic. I’d even consider calling her depiction racist in some way, but that word has little meaning anymore.

        I don’t know about the MvC scene but I generally avoid fighting game communities because I don’t like the way those people tend to behave.

        Same friend has been linking me Aris stuff, and YouTube recommended me a video of Aris’ thoughts on MvC:I as a consumer, but I didn’t get around to watching it. I think my friend summarized that video as, he doesn’t like it but he’ll probably buy it anyway? Will check your link out, thanks.

        Personally, I have high standards when it comes to fighting games. I’m not going to play anything of less quality than what I was making in MUGEN almost two decades ago. I’m glad I’m not so desperate for a new fighting game that I’d play every stinking poop that gets shat in my face. It’s still sad, though.

        Edit: Watching the link now, it’s good. He’s saying a lot of stuff I’ve been saying, like we need to call out trash or we will end up with worse trash.

        Lately, I’ve been thinking about how Soros and his minions are trying to raise and nurture an army of delusionals who deny basic facts and don’t exist in reality. This whole defending MvsC:I for bullshit reasons kinda reminds me of that. I think that denying reality will inevitably lead to a bad outcome, because we can’t realistically continue to exist in fantasy.

        • RichardGristle

          Can’t go wrong with BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, or anything from Melty Bread. I don’t really play many 3D fighters, but Tekken 7 is pretty hot too. Thankfully, there’s no need to “settle” like we had to 10 years ago.

          • Disqusted

            I don’t mind playing old games, even. I prefer older fighters more, anyway.

            Tekken 7 is pretty good, but feels like there’s not much content. The bosses aren’t fun to fight because they’re so ridiculously cheap. Having the opposite problem with KOF14, the bosses are cake but the teams before the bosses are cheap as nuts on max difficulty.

            I had more fun with Tekken Tag 2. Partly because being able to switch between two characters is much more fun. So many customization options and characters from TTT2 are missing in Tekken 7, too. The characters I played the most in TTT2 (Angel, Julia, Michelle) aren’t even in Tekken 7. Gonna have to wait months for that stuff to be put back in as DLC. Shame I can’t just paste TTT2 into Unreal Engine 4.

            Edit: I was watching Aris’ other videos and I think I just saw what you meant about Captain Marvel’s head. 25 seconds into this video:

            Or this image:

            Holy shit, she’s almost a Xenomorph. I think it becomes more or less obvious depending on the camera FOV.

            Still rings warning bells that almost all the footage they showed of MvsC:I is of cutscenes and not gameplay. Epic priority fail. Hah, almost nobody in the audience clapped.

          • RichardGristle

            Haha, poor Captain Marvel. I don’t want to bash her too bad, I think she looks good all things considered. At least they didn’t shave her head, color her hair, and give her a bunch of piercings.

          • RichardGristle

            Haha, poor Captain Marvel. I don’t want to bash her too bad, I think she looks good all things considered. At least they didn’t shave her head, color her hair, and give her a bunch of piercings.

          • Disqusted

            Yeah, I was really shocked to see a Marvel character white blonde female with a pretty face. I thought they had all been replaced with rainbow creatures or something.