Mutiny!! Sexy Pirate Visual Novel Sets Sail On Nutaku

If you have a PC with 512MB of RAM, at least a 1Ghz processor, Windows XP and 850 megabytes of free space, you’re halfway to experiencing Nutaku’s latest visual novel, Mutiny!!.

The new erotic VN is available from developer Lupiesoft, featuring a comedic tale of a busty young woman who is put in charge of a ragtag group of pirates after the former captain takes flight after being pursued by the royal navy.

As the buxom new captain of a group of monster girl futa-pirates, it’s your job to whip the crew into shape, discover their deepest desires, and sail the high seas for adventure.

The game is themed around futa and monster girl romance options, and it features anime-themed HD CG sequences, along with traditional visual novel-style interactions.

Mutiny!! Screenshot

The DRM-free title also boasts a collection of uncensored art featuring 12 different locations and 11 different girls to encounter, along with five different monster girls to romance. The developers are also promising that they will be adding additional girls to the stable.

It’s not all just comedy, slapstick and uncensored sex scenes, though. Mutiny!! also features a puzzle-based ship combat system, along with with its own original soundtrack.

Nutaku has been really reaching into the diverse cache of various visual novel fetishes. Visual novels have recently been on the back burner for more free-to-play games, clicker titles and side-scrolling RPGs, but they appear to be getting back on track with the content that put them on the map in the first place. I imagine now that they’re fleshing out their library they want more titles that reach a more diverse audience of 18+ gamers.

So if pirates, futas and monster girls is up your alley, you can check out the Mutiny!! visual novel for only $20 from the extremely not safe for work Nutaku store page.


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