Narborion By Night, Adult-Themed Strategy Game Preregistration Opens Up
Narborion By Night

Nutaku announced that gamers can currently preregister to play Narborion By Night, the free-to-play strategy game, by doing so over on their official website.

Preregistering to play the game will enable you to unlock bonuses ahead of Narborion By Night’s launch, such as 20 extra power gems, and an exclusive Blade of Magic and Honor.

According to the press release, the free-to-play strategy game features turn-based combat and a visual novel storyline with plenty of high-fantasy sex and copulation.

The story centers around players going on a quest to serve the Midnight Swan, where they must battle enemies, grow stronger and defeat various enchantresses and other mystical fantasy beings on their quest to obtaining the Runes of Power.

Unlike other basic high-fantasy titles, in this game you’ll need to replenish your strength by having sex with the creatures of the realm. This will grant you with the necessary power to continue the journey.

You’ll also have to gather resources along the way, and level up your character through battle. Narborion By Night plays out very much like a classical CRPG from the 1980s and 1990s. Those of you who grew up with those old games like Moraff’s World and the original Elder Scrolls might find themselves entrenched and engaged in the story, which unfolds like an old-school text adventure.

So if you’re into turn-based combat, visual novel storytelling, and lots, and lots, and lots of sex, then you might enjoy Narborion By Night.

It’s one of the many new games that Nutaku has been adding to their ever-growing library of 18+, adult-themed interactive titles. They’ve recently been really pushing for the free-to-play adventure games that grant bonuses through preregistration.

If you want to get in on the action, you can do so by visiting the official registration page, which is clearly not safe for work.

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