NieR: Automata A2 Nude Mod Battles Its Way Online For PC Gamers
Nier Automata Nude Mod

If you already have the nude mod for YoRHa unit 2B from NieR: Automata, you may as well finish up the stable of birthday suit battle-droids by grabbing the A2 nude mod.

Modder Crafted-Lightning, who runs the Art of the Body page on DeviantArt, posted up the A2 nude mod for NieR: Automata. You can download it right now from over on his Patreon page for $5 or wait until June 13th, 2017 to download it for free.

The mod is a lot more risque than Crafted-Lightning’s other nude mod for 2B, which primarily saw her clothes made sheer, or her naughty bits made clear through her clothing.

This time around we get a variety of different outfits for A2, just as she was depicted throughout the latter half of the story in NieR: Automata, but if you want a full-on nude mod of the character, it’s available. You can see a demonstration with the image below. Warning: if you click through the full image is Not Safe For Work.

It definitely took a while to get the nude mod for A2 up and available for the general public, but that’s because Crafted-Lightning has been having difficulty ironing out the skin tones and getting everything aligned. As mentioned in his post on the Undertow Club

“Sorry this mod took so long, know a lot of people wanted me to make this, really struggled to get the skin tone to a decent sort of stage. It is still an issue, so in a lot of areas with different light, you will notice where the clothes were. The skin tone will be very contrasting with the rest of A2’s skin. Fret not though, I always have a crappy excuse at hand, you can pretend it’s the joints or something like that as she’s an android. Or option 2, you can pretend it’s a tan line. But I do apologise for this, I think I might be missing a texture or am really lacking in texture information. To get A2 fully nude go into berserk mode. Anyway, I do hope to do more mods for Nier Automata, like the DLC costumes.”

Of course, if you want to install the mod you will need to get the Resorep 1.4.0 so you can install the custom skin texture over the outfits in the PC version of NieR: Automata. If you’re unsure as to how to get the utility to work, follow the steps in the video tutorial below.

If you have trouble getting the mod to install on a 32-bit system or the 64-bit version is giving you a problem, make sure that your dllsettings.ini file is not set to read-only and that all the correct folder paths are set.

The manual installation instructions includes copying the d3d11.dll and the dx11proxy64.dll file into the same directory as NieR’s exe file, and then renaming d3d11.dll to ori_d3d11.dll and then renaming dx11proxy64.dll to d3d11.dll.

Hopefully things work out and you can enjoy all the nudie bits that A2 has to offer. If you don’t want to pay for the mod and would rather wait for June 13th to get the free version, you can keep your eye out for the download to become available over on the Art-of-the-Body DeviantArt page.

Sadly PS4 gamers can’t experience the wonders of the Glorious PC Master Modding Race, but you can still check out 2B’s cheeks by using a simple method to remove her skirt.


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