Open Discussion: June 25th, 2017

The latest Open Discussion is here and that means you can sound off as usual and tell OAG what’s on your mind, or you can participate in this week’s topic and discuss some of the things either related to gaming or other mediums.

If you enjoy talking or in this case typing, the Open Discussion series is for you. The whole point of this series on OAG is to give you the reader the ability to post up anything related or unrelated to the subject at hand, which each week the subject changes.

Keeping the consistency going like every post on this site, any comment will be approved and will not face any form of censorship. I don’t know if you (the reader) are aware of this, but often times WordPress or Disqus will hold or send a comment into pending depending on the words used in a comment, which means that we need to approve of said comment. If you happen to post up a comment and notice that it might be in moderation or censored, please let us know so that the comment can be restored to its intended purpose.

Now that the above has been stated for readers and posters, the subject for this week’s Open Discussion is about your first PC or console you have ever obtained. Whether your first PC or console was something that brought great or treacherous memories, there’s no doubt that it holds a place somewhere in your heart given that that platform was the first to introduce you into the world of video games.

The PC or console can be something that was played in stores, bought by your parents when you were a child or something that you purchased on your own. This week’s Open Discussion also includes your first PC you ever assembled or console that you personally modified for the first time, too.

So with that said, you can either stay on topic or you can post up something that you may think is interesting/pressing that’s happening around the world.


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