Paypal Blames Sony For Auto-Refunding UK PSN Purchases, Says Users

Sony vs Paypal

Those living in the United Kingdom have reported that Paypal is automatically refunding their purchases for PlayStation Network content. In result Sony is banning PSN accounts that have content auto-refunded since it registers as a chargeback, and when chargebacks take place the service distributors usually cancel, suspend or ban the offending account. Well, some PSN users in the U.K.,  who had this happen to them are reporting that PayPal is blaming Sony for the issue.

Kotaku received a letter from a PSN user in the U.K., as well as highlighted a comment from a certain Alan McCourt, who wrote in the comment section…

“Just off the phone with PayPal. They have advised that this error is on [Sony’s] end and is to do with them closing or somehow [limiting] their GDP account, meaning that the funds didn’t credit the accounts.


“[…] My payment that was returned was sat in Pending until today, I have confirmed that the funds were released by my bank to Paypal. This would back up the claim that the error is on [Sony’s] end as it seems to have gone from Pending to Refunded.”

The anonymous individual who wrote in to Kotaku had mentioned something similar to what McCourt experienced, stating that PayPal informed them that it was to do with Sony limiting the GDP account.

According to the BBC the chargebacks are automatically triggering the bans due to accounts being put into the negative from the purchase without the proper balance having any funds to make up the difference.

Some people suggested buying a prepaid card from Amazon to put onto the account to put the account back into the black. Others suggested contacting Sony and informing them that PayPal has put the account in the red automatically.

According to Push Square, Sony is slowly working with users being affected by the auto-refunds to restore their account services.

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