PlayStation Plus July Games Beats Xbox With Some Quality Titles
Until Dawn

Microsoft may have slagged off for the month of July when it came to the Games With Gold program, but Sony picked up their slack and finally brought the fight back to Microsoft, offering gamers a nice selection of worthwhile titles.

Over on the PlayStation Blog it was announced that the multi-choice horror game Until Dawn was going to lead the charge for PS4 gamers, and it would be followed by Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series.

PS4 owners also gain access to That’s You from July 4th onward.

If both those games aren’t to your liking, you’re also bound to be impressed with the PS3 offerings because the crazy and eccentric survival game Tokyo Jungle will be available throughout July, along with Darkstalkers Resurrection. Can’t argue with those can you?

A lot of gamers have been asking about a new Darkstalkers game. So while Capcom obviously isn’t going to oblige on that front, offering PS3 gamers a free opportunity to add the classic PS3 title to their library is probably going to be the closest fans get to a new game.

Additionally, PlayStation Vita owners will have Don’t Die Mr Robot made available throughout July, along with Element4l. Don’t Die Mr. Robot has cross-buy enabled, so even if you’re not too keen on getting the game for the PS Vita, you can still take a romp through the title on your PS4.

All of the software will be available free for PlayStation Plus users throughout July starting July 4th. A nice little way to enjoy Independence Day if you’re in the good ‘ole U.S., of A.

This slate of offerings definitely trumps what Microsoft doled out for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users for the month of July. But then again, Sony getting the one-up on Microsoft for one month out of the past two or so years is not an endearing accomplishment. Hopefully they can keep this up throughout the holiday season where it will really count.


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