Production Line Cheats Give You Infinite Money, Fast Research
Production Line Cheats
(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

Do you enjoy spread sheet simulators? Do you like games with more numbers scrolling across your screen than an Academic Decathlon? Do you dream of one day competing against accounts in an annual spreadsheet showdown? Well, you’re in luck because developer Positech Games has a new title in Early Access called Production Line, which allows you to manage and run a production company, complete with all of the spreadsheet busywork one would expect from becoming a tycoon over a manufacturing industry.

Well, if you’ve already taken the dive into the game and find yourself becoming vastly overwhelmed with all of the numbers, stats, financial responsibilities and itemization management, there’s a bit of a remedy for you in the form of a cheat trainer.

You can download the trainer right now for Production Line from the Mr. Antifun forum page.

The cheat trainer only has three cheats:

  • Infinite Money
  • Super Energy Production
  • Fast Research

These three cheats will help you achieve your goals of becoming the next Elon Musk. Infinite money means that you can buy the souls of the Illuminati, and super energy production means that you’ll never run out of resources. Fast research is also essential for being able to quickly come up with new solutions to help not only speed up production but also utilize more cost-effective and energy-efficient resources to help with the manufacturing of products.

Beyond the cheat trainer, Production Line is a great edutainment tool to help young people understand the process of manufacturing and distribution.

You get a good idea of what it requires to acquire parts, make adjustments for demand based on limited supply, and help with understanding and organizing item management for efficiency and profitability.

This seems like a cool game for people who want to better understand the manufacturing process, and it would also be cool if there was an expansion for video game consoles. How cool would it be attempting to run a manufacturing plant producing Nintendo Switch units, eh?

Anyway, Production Line is currently available in the Early Access phase of Steam for $15.99. You can learn more by checking out the Steam store page.

Positech has plans on keeping the game in Early Access for the next six months. So if you want to wait for the full thing, be sure to check back in by fall, 2017.

As always, when you use cheat trainers be sure to cheat responsibly… otherwise you could have some kid calling you up out of the blue seven years later, right during your anniversary dinner. Talk about awkward.

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