RiME 1.01 Update Removes Denuvo DRM
RiME DRM Removed
(Last Updated On: June 1, 2017)

The Denuvo anti-tamper digital rights management software that caused major slowdown and performance issues in Tequila Works’ RiME has been removed. The developers kept their word and released patch 1.01 recently as a way to honor their statement about excising Denuvo once it had been cracked.

In just five days crackers managed to bypass Denuvo, finger its insides like it was passed out by a roofie in a night club with a short skirt, and display all the goods to the general public. After realizing that Denuvo had been humiliated like a rapper trying to do a free-style battle against Eminem, Grey Box acquiesced and made a post on Steam stating that they have removed Denuvo. A rep for the studio wrote…

“We wanted to give you an update regarding the use of Denuvo anti-tamper software in RiME. Today, we got word that there was a crack which would bypass Denuvo. Upon receiving this news, we worked to test this and verify that it was, in fact, the case. We have now confirmed that it is. As such, we at Team Grey Box are following through on our promise from earlier this week that we will be replacing the current build of RiME with one that does not contain Denuvo. Please make sure your PC version of RiME has been updated, if it has not done so automatically.”

The post goes on to say that they will also have a traditional patch out for the public as well, addressing various bugs, glitches and any other performance issues not directly tied to the Denuvo software.

Previously they had argued vehemently that Denuvo was not DRM, and even on Denuvo’s site they attempt to state that it isn’t DRM, but the whole point of DRM is to manage the digital rights of software. And in this case, Denuvo was firing constant triggers to prevent tampering (thus managing the rights of users’ ability to tamper with the software) and it was slowing down RiME and causing lots of frame-stutter and performance hiccups. That’s pretty much managing (and monitoring) the access of a user’s digital copy. I have no idea how you could pedantically say it isn’t DRM.

I mean does the third-party software affect or limit how users can engage with the digital product and has nothing to do with the function of the product itself? If the answer is yes, then it’s DRM.

Anyway, frivolous definitions aside, the pirate groups were able to get their hands on Baldman’s crack, and now pirates can play RiME with the cracked version of the game without any performance issues whatsoever.

It’s hilarious to think that the vanilla version of RiME basically has a form of DRM that only works against legitimate consumers.

Regardless, version 1.01 for RiME is available right now, and it should automatically update your copy of the game if you have it on Steam.

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  • Disqusted

    I just heard Denuvo are going to be sued for illegally selling VMprotect to third parties. Source is a Russian who works for the company that made VMprotect.

    Note that this was apparently originally posted back in March, but has since received no coverage.

    Quick summary:
    Denuvo wanted to use VMprotect for their protection, but were basically told no (because it’d be helping a competitor). So they bought a standard license anyway, and knowingly violated the licensing terms by selling it to third parties illegally. VMprotect cancelled the license and tried to settle the matter with them, but Denuvo is just ignoring them.

    VMprotect had no choice but to get anti-viruses to blacklist Denuvo, and complain to Valve. They are also preparing an official lawsuit, and have already won a similar lawsuit before. This is all part of the reason why Denuvo v4 apparently stopped using VMprotect, which made Denuvo much weaker.

    If true, the irony of a anti-piracy protection company pirating protection tech is super thick, but not at all surprising. The people who bitch most about piracy are usually the ones doing it the most. Same with everything else in politics. Pretty sure anti-piracy government agencies and companies have been caught pirating software many, many times already.

    Here are a few old links of people talking about the similiarities/connections between VMprotect and Denuvo, so it’s not completely baseless:

    Some people are saying now is a good time to buy Denuvo games, so that Denuvo will have to pay more for every copy sold if they lose the lawsuit. Assuming that it’s true.

    • “Irony” seems to be the one word everyone keeps repeating regarding this.

      I’ve reached out to VMProtect to see if this has any merit, and if they respond I’ll throw up an article about it.

      • Disqusted

        Thanks. Seems difficult to fully confirm otherwise.

  • Richard

    My question is that they have to pay to licence Denuvo, when it inevitably gets cracked and they have to remove it, do they get the money back. Is it a once were cracked your money back, or No Refund.

  • Richard

    My question is that they have to pay to licence Denuvo, when it inevitably gets cracked and they have to remove it, do they get the money back. Is it a once were cracked your money back, or No Refund.

    • You pay up front. Sometimes, if you want to keep your product protected, you keep paying them to provide updated iterations of the anti-tamper software to keep newer versions from being cracked. It’s still stupid since they all get cracked eventually.

    • From what I’ve heard, “no refunds.”

  • durka durka

    Denuvo put triggers to constantly check the game, this causes the slowdowns and stutters, denuvo thinks that updating their protection is as simple as putting more triggers, if denuvo has tens of thousands of triggers that essentially means that your game stutters all the godamn time.

    Its time to stop…. ITS TIME TO STOP, stop with this drm, if you destroy perfomance and stability to protect the game for a few days, then no thank you. I would rather way for the patched version without denuvo than buy a game day 1 with denuvo.

  • SevTheBear

    DRM in a single player game fails once again? What a surprise 0__0

    Pretty damn sure the majority of Gamer buy their games the legal way. Some the first week other a few months later. DRM seems just to backfire every time. I get it, they try to protect their work. But pirates will always find a way no matter the DRM :/

  • Disqusted

    I was looking up what people were saying. Several people emphasized that Baldman’s Denuvo cracks don’t actually remove Denuvo, and that only the developers can do that. His cracks reportedly do improve performance, but devs removing Denuvo entirely supposedly has even better results.

    Edit: A bunch of people are saying the game is not optimized well regardless of Denuvo or not.

    • lucben999

      On the Steam forums reports are that the removal of Denuvo noticeably improved loading times and overall performance, but the game is still not as well optimized as it should be.

  • Phasmatis75

    Any company willing to screw over legitimate consumers doesn’t deserve a dime.

    • Disqusted

      It’s a shame we can’t just bypass the suits and instead pay only the devs who don’t lie.

      • Phasmatis75

        I like these devs in that they were upfront and honest about it being the publisher that forced Denuvo, but still it had Denuvo so it’s a no go.

  • Still not going to buy it as it should not have used Denuvo in the first place.

  • Kyle Haddad

    well, at least we can’t call them liars.

    • Disqusted

      The Denuvo is tied to quality/sight/sound/experience statement by one of the devs is pretty deceptive and a lot of people feel they were lied to.

      • Kyle Haddad

        I was speaking more in the terms of removing denuvo. But fair point.

        • Disqusted

          No problem, I understand. They’d have to be stupid to keep letting Denuvo screw over legit customers after it gets cracked.