RPG Maker Fes Arrives In North America For Nintendo 3DS
RPG Maker Fes

NIS America announced that RPG Maker Fes is currently available in both Europe and America for the Nintendo 3DS, giving handheld gamers an opportunity to make their very own RPGs from the comfort of their portable device.

RPG Maker Fes allows gamers to create their very own RPGs from scratch. Just like the PC version, players have the option of setting up the canvas of their very own role-playing game, picking from a thick smorgasbord of options and assets, including towns, environments, characters and objects.

You can setup how the combat works, turn-based battles, magic attacks, and even design how easy, hard or challenging each of the monster battles are.

You can scale your character’s leveling process and what sort of items they can loot, as well as their overall story arc. You can see what RPG Maker Fes looks like in action below, with the launch trailer.

The really cool part about it is that you don’t even have to worry about your game getting censored or “localized” by Nintendo’s staff because you can make and share your games with friends and completely bypass the censorship Gestapo that is Nintendo’s Treehouse.

The games you can make can also be designed without any programming language skills. This is perfect for people who have great storytelling skills but don’t want to risk hiring in a lazy Russian programmer who’s simply going to take your money so he can build an Atomika cosplay replica costume.

Instead, you can use your wits and creativity to make the RPG of your dreams, and maybe even continue the stories from SNES RPGs that ended during the 16-bit era.

You can pick up a digital copy of RPG Maker Fes right now for the Nintendo 3DS whether you’re in North America or Europe. Weirdly the press release doesn’t roll out a price but it’s still within the budgetary region for handheld gamers.


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