SJWs Attack The Last Night Developer Tim Soret
The Last Night

Odd Tales is working on a cool cyberpunk game called The Last Night for home consoles and PC. It was recently featured during Microsoft’s E3 press conference this year.

Odd Tales’ creative director Tim Soret, however, was dragged through the proverbial mud on social media by the typical Social Justice Warrior brigade. Why? Because he supported #GamerGate back in 2014, and was against unethical policies practiced by outlets such as PC Gamer and Kotaku, where journalists were sleeping with developers and providing them with positive coverage without disclosure.

Well, apparently the people who enjoy maintaining the status quo of corruption in the media industry weren’t happy about that and decided to attack Soret and attempt to get Odd Tales’ publisher, Raw Fury, dragged into the whole ordeal. There’s a megathread and timeline of events about the drama over on Kotaku in Action.

Raw Fury posted up a statement on behalf of their team, Odd Tales and Tim Soret. They wrongfully mischaracterize #GamerGate in their statement via Twitlonger on June 12th, 2017, where they wrote…

“We at Raw Fury believe in equality, believe in feminism, and believe everyone has a right and chance at the equal pursuit of happiness. We would not be working with Tim Soret / Odd Tales at all if we believed they were against these principles in any aspect.


“The wording of his statements toward feminism in 2014 was poor, and his buying into GamerGate as a movement on the notion that it represented gamers against journalists was naive, but in the same year he also cheered the rise of women in gaming.”

The comments they’re referring to that Soret made back in 2014 are actually just pure 100% truth. He compares Anita Sarkeesian and the Liberal media’s SJW attack on the gaming industry to that of the inbred-minded Conservative Right from back in the 1990s and early 2000s when uneducated and misinformed Christian Republicans attacked video games for being violent, sexist and harmful to kids.

Raw Fury linked to a post containing Soret’s comments, where he stated back in 2014…

“The entire work of Anita Sarkeesian consist of saying video games are making you sexist. From her video: ‘Ironically, those who strongly believes that video games are harmless entertainment are also the ones most likely to internalize harmful media messages. The more you think you cannot be affected, the more likely you are to be affected.’


“This is as toxic & idiotic as conservative[s] saying video games violence makes you violent in real life.”

It’s a good point.

Oftentimes SJWs hand-wave away that criticism by claiming that women have been oppressed for so long that the argument of violent games making you a violent person isn’t the same as sexiness in games making you a sexist. They claim that sexism is an institutional form of oppression, and therefore depicting it in games harms the self-image that women have of themselves.

In the eyes of SJWs women are neither intelligent nor independently strong enough to separate and decipher fictional characters from real life people.

But the more important question is: why are people bringing this up now?

Well, it turns out that Microsoft featured The Last Night during their E3 press conference and a lot of people thought it looked awesome. As we all know, SJWs hate it when people ideologically opposed to them have an opportunity to succeed. Therefore they decided to smear Tim Soret as a way to diminish the value of his work and attempt to get him and his studio in trouble with Microsoft, which partially worked.

Microsoft general manager of publishing, Shannon Loftis, briefly engaged in the conversation chain with Soret but deleted one of the tweets.

There’s a brief archive of one of the tweets.

Soret has basically been on damage control ever since.

Raw Fury noted in their public address that Soret has been engaging in conversation to have a meaningful dialogue to quell some of the heated viewpoints spawned from the smear campaign. They end the piece by stating that a lot can change in three years and that they know that the game doesn’t espouse views steeped in “regressive stances”..

“In a similar situation as the one happening now, folks on the IdleThumbs forums found questionable tweets and Tim took it upon himself to address them. What came from that was a dialogue where different viewpoints were considered and debated in a purposeful way.“


[…] A lot can change in three years, including viewpoints, and Tim has assured us that The Last Night does not spout a message steeped in regressive stances. We trust Tim and know that he is an advocate for progression both in and outside of our industry, and we hope that this will be apparent moving forward.”

Realistically they never should have kowtowed.

It’s three year old messages about something Soret was right about: The Liberals and Conservatives hate gaming. Both groups have tried to attack and dismantle the industry. Conservatives attack games claiming violence in media will make you violent in real life. Liberals attack games claiming that sexy ladies in games will turn people into sexist rapists (even though in the case of Liberals, it’s turned out that some of the loudest critics from the anti-#GamerGate camp turned out to be actual sex offenders and rapists).

Anyway, Soret shouldn’t have to apologize for pointing out the truth. Various companies such as Koei Tecmo ended up opting not to release games like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in the West for fear of being attacked by Social Justice Warriors in the media or protested against by third-wave feminists.

Typically we’ve seen a lot of advocates for censorship from the SJW media so long as it’s against politics that don’t fit in line with their Cultural Marxist mindset. Other times they’re completely okay with sex and controversial topics so long as the game toes the progressive line.

Plain and simple: it’s all hogwash. The most ridiculous thing about it is that even pointing this out will get articles like this censored on the typical leftist propaganda discussion platforms.

Now to their credit, at least the troglodytes on the Conservative side pining for regressive policies have the balls to attack the argument and ridicule the messenger head-on. Liberals don’t even have that much gumption; they’ll simply censor the whole discussion and cry like bed-wetting babies in their pathetic little safe spaces.

And this is why gamers said to keep the f**king politics out of games.


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