Social Justice Advocate Urges Sony To Respect Hinduism In Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted The Lost legacy

Social justice advocate Rajan Zed has come out swinging in hopes of getting Sony and Naughty Dog to adhere to respecting Hinduism in the upcoming SJW-friendly action-adventure third-person shooter Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The feminist-focused title is the next entry in Sony’s beloved first-party franchise, and despite being able to escape criticisms from Social Justice Warriors regarding the portrayal of female characters and minorities in the game, Naughty Dog wasn’t able to escape the potential criticisms from the religious community.

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed stated that while it was good that Hindi culture is being represented in the game, it’s not enough…

“Hindus wholeheartedly welcomed entertainment industry to immerse in Hinduism, but taking it seriously and respectfully; as refashioning of Hinduism scriptures, symbols, traditions, concepts and deities for mercantile greed was likely to hurt the sentiments of devotees; and misrepresentation created confusion among non-Hindus about Hinduism. Insensitive handling of faith traditions sometimes resulted in pillaging serious spiritual doctrines and revered symbols.”

In today’s society, a lot of developers extol cultures through virtue signaling online through social media or press release statements about how inclusive and diverse their games are. However, not all members of the Social Justice sect are on board with certain kinds of representation or virtue signaling, and like in this case, if developers don’t virtue signal properly, they could end up being criticized hardily by those who they are trying to represent.

Naughty Dog has been aggressively pushing and promoting multiculturalism, diversity, inclusiveness and representation, but in this case it could come back to bite them in Chloe’s sumptuous rear end if they don’t tread carefully.

Rajan Zed has been known throughout the industry for criticizing portrayals of Hindu culture in games, dating back to Smite from Hi-Rez Studio, where he said that the Hindu goddess Kali was portrayed like a pornstar.

SJWs came down on Hi-Rez Studio and the company folded, removing the sexy-time image of Kali from their official website, as reported by Escapist Magazine.

We’ll see if Naughty Dog makes any changes to the game leading up to release, or if they’ll sheepishly apologize for whatever it is Social Justice Warriors take offense to.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is due for release on August 22nd, 2017 exclusively for the PS4 and PS4 Pro.