Starr Mazer Seeks Legal Funds While Death Threats Surface
Starr Mazer
(Last Updated On: June 28, 2017)

PixelJam and Imagos Softworks’ Starr Mazer: DSP was a promising crowd-funded Kickstarter project giving gamers a high-octane bullet-hell shooter experience… or so, it seemed like that’s what it was going to provide before they were hit with legal troubles from their own composer.

Starr Mazer entered into Early Access back in August of 2016 after successfully being Kickstarted. The game had to be pulled after the developers ran into some copyright troubles with the composer.

A recap and a plea for help was posted up over on the Leonard J. French legal website. Imagos Softworks’ Don Thacker took the opportunity to update the community on why the Kickstarted bullethell shooter was removed from the Steam store and why they’re currently in a gridlock with the game’s composer, Alex Mauer.

Mauer filed copyright claims against Imagos, forcing the game off of digital storefronts, as well as using DMCA takedowns to ban promotional material off the web, including going after YouTubers and their Let’s Play content,  and live-streams from Twitch. There was a video made about the incident, giving the gaming community a quick update on everything that transpired.

As mentioned in the post on the website…

“Unfortunately, the copyright system in the United States has allowed her to assert rights that she does not actually own. And her assertion of those rights has caused Imagos and Don to lose credibility with many of the people and companies they do business with.


“This has resulted in Imagos and Don losing developers, financial support, potential and existing film clients, and that has further caused them all a great deal of stress. They have tried to handle the matter quietly so that Alex would have the best chance of improving.


“Alex has recently become very public about the matter. We have decided to pursue court action solely to adjudicate Imagos’ rights and to clear up any dispute with Alex. This is all in the hopes that the developers, including Don, can continue with their first love, development of the game.”

The post offers up a link to a page to help pay the legal fees to win back the ability to sell the game and overcome the DMCA abuse issued by Mauer.

They’ve already managed to accrue $11,700 as of the wrtiting of this article, surpassing their $10,000 goal.

A lot of this came after news popped up that Alex Mauer had sent death threats to YouTuber, SidAlpha.

Some gamers are distraught that they are unable to purchase Starr Mazer from the store at the moment, while others are just confused about the behavior from Mauer. Content creators like TotalBiscuit have published public empathy, while others have chronicled the events from afar as they continue to unfold. Most gamers simply want to be able to get back to the game without having to worry about all of the legal drama.

(Thanks for the news tip Hawk Hopper)

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  • turtlemelons

    call me a bigot but I think the hormone therapy polluted his head

  • turtlemelons

    call me a bigot but I think the hormone therapy polluted his head

  • Bosch

    Leonard French has also been threatened with death now.

  • John27

    Can we just have some damn games without all the drama?


    This kind of shit is precisely why I don’t have anything to do with Kickstarter projects, or backing them. A good majority of these projects (specifically games) wind up fucking backers over, and I feel for the Starr Mazer devs, ’cause quite frankly, Mauer sounds like a fucking nutcase.

  • EroBotan

    she’s a fan of using the word “literally” lol, most likely an SJW.

    aaand I think she can kiss goodbye to her career right? I don’t think anyone sane will want to work with her after this backstabbing incident.

  • Hawk Hopper

    This one really got out of hand. I think Mauer launched out 70 or so DMCAs against YouTubers, just trying to lash out at everyone. This backfired into this shitstorm.

    The thing about hiring people or working with friends is that sometimes people go off the rails and think you and anyone even slightly associated with you is their enemy. Mauer is a basketcase constantly looking to make themselves into a victim of something they started. Nobody forced Mauer to attack YouTubers and nobody forced Mauer to take this route instead of going after the devs directly. Mauer is also playing people into the whole “I think this person is going to hurt themselves” pathetic power play, and then can’t even spend a couple of days without dealing out death threats. Cry me a river.

    I hope the courts find Mauer in the wrong and that YT channels under Mauer’s copyright axe are able to continue uploading.