Starway Fleet Delayed To July, New Gameplay Trailer Shows Progress

Slated to release last month during May, publisher and developer StormCube Games have changed the release date of Starway Fleet to July, 2017. Although the PC action game set in space currently faced a delay, the upcoming title did, however, gain a new gameplay trailer showing off the latest in-game progress.

I’ll admit, space shooter games are fun to play but it sure does seem like there are a lot of them thrown out in the wild lately. Well, adding on to that stockpile that keeps growing comes StormCube Games’ Starway Fleet. The space shooter was originally set to debut last month but some stuff went on behind the scenes and now the game is supposedly to come out this year’s July for PC via Steam Early Access.

If you have no clue as to what Starway Fleet has to offer at its core, the official description is up for your reading pleasure.

“Experience the heat of space combat and discover the Universe as a fighter pilot assigned to the fleet. Be the famous fighter ace, let the whole Universe know your name!”

Furthermore, a new gameplay video has surfaced showing the first mission in the game entitled “Homebound”. The mission shown in said video runs for 10 minutes in length, but the video itself cuts the full package down to a near three minutes of watch time.

According to the video’s description over on YouTube we learn that Starway Fleet has several battle groups, where the main story is centered on one of the many branches. The player is noted to assume the role of a pilot serving in one of the fighter squadrons assigned to “Task Force Stealth Panther”.

Before jumping into the new trailer, the devs wrote up a letter detailing what the video is about and what changes are to come later down the line before release:

“We put great emphasis on radio chatter that can be heard during missions. You have the chance to hear some of it in this mission. Currently, all gameplay triggers function correctly, there are only a handful of special features left to do. We are also continuously tuning the game graphics, with special focus laid on the space ambience with lights, mist and other effects. Multiplayer is also worked on and progressing well.”

The trailer is up for your viewing pleasure thanks to – Starway Fleet.

Lastly, more information on Starway Fleet can be found by visiting its Steam Early Access page or


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