SteamVR’s Knuckles Video Demonstrates Precision VR Handling
Knuckles VR

Zulubo Productions released a video featuring the Steam VR Knuckles, the new wireless motion controllers for the HTC Vive featuring precision finger sensors.

The video is only a couple of minutes long but it showcases how you can use precision sensory mechanics in games to read individual digits from a user’s hand for very particular movements. You can check out the video demonstration below to get an idea of how it works.

Valve kind of unceremoniously unveiled the new motion controllers through a post over on the Steam community boards to help developers setup the develop kits for the Knuckles. A select few number of developers were able to opt-in to test out and design software around the upcoming Knuckles motion controllers.

Design wise, they look like a cross between the standard HTC wireless controllers and the Oculus Touch motion controllers.

The major difference is that the new Knuckles features sensor grips on the outside of the hand grip so that users can effectively and efficiently hold on to or let go of the Knuckles’ handles as well as enact gestures with their hands, as demonstrated in the video above.

There’s no release date on when the new VR controllers for the HTC Vive will be made available to the general public, but there were rumors earlier in the year that Valve had plans to work with third-party vendors to release customizable add-ons for the Vive, including a wireless adapter, new controllers (such as the Knuckles) and other peripherals to increase the overall user experience with the expensive headset.

As a way to help lure more gamers into the VR fold Valve and HTC recently discounted the Vive by $50, so you can pick it up during the Steam Summer Sale for only $749.99. Hopefully we’ll get a price for the new Knuckles VR Controllers, because they’re actually pretty cool looking.


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