Stormworks Devs Talk Creating Vehicles And Physics-Based Objects

Not too long ago we covered a low-poly game on this very site called Stormworks: Build and Rescue. Well, recently the devs wanted to give gamers a look into what has been developed so far in Stormworks, and what gamers can expect in the future when the game becomes playable for PC via Steam.

Developing a game can be very tedious in that there are a lot of small things to check into and maintain from both a structural and mechanical perspective, all whilst managing the overhead spectrum to ensure that the game you are working on comes not only comes out decent but is also fun to play.

In addition to the above, Green Man Gaming Publishing posted up a new video that features Dave from said publisher and developer Dan from Sunfire Software, talking about the development of Stormworks and how the design is coming together to make a fun game. The two go over the build process, physics, time of day, vehicles and the crafting mechanics that go into Stormworks: Build and Rescue.

According to the video, executing rescues will be something of a real challenge since different tragedies can occur, prompting a player to pick or build something new. We can see below that the building process can be complex, however there is said to be an easier way to build vehicles in a quickplay-like mode.

The physics also take into account whether or not a vehicle has a lot of holes, covered holes and other type of weight-related properties, which the game factors all of that into account so that it can distribute a plausible outcome.

To bring awareness that a new video is up detailing the most recent build of Stormworks: Build and Rescue, the team posted a dev blog that features both an introductory text and video by Green Man Gaming:

“We just released a new video – Dan from Sunfire Software and David from Green Man Gaming take a look at some of the vehicle building in Stormworks: Build and Rescue! We talk a bit about the basics of the game, look at how to build something basic, and look at something crazier that we build earlier.”

Stormworks: Build and Rescue is set to come out “soon”, however more info on the low-poly rescuing game can be found over on


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