Tekken 7 Mods Enable Playable Young Heihachi, Ladyboy Leo Bikini
Tekken 7 Leo
(Last Updated On: June 23, 2017)

There are some very interesting mods coming out for Tekken 7 on PC. Given that the game runs on the Unreal Engine 4, a native PC game engine, it didn’t take long for modders to start fiddling around with its innards and coming up with some… unique outcomes.

On the standard end of the stick we have a lot of costume and model swaps going on. The ZetaBoard forum is doing a fantastic job of organizing and collecting mods to keep them in one convenient place for gamers to surf. Right now it’s the numero uno repository for Tekken 7 PC mods. One such mod includes a swap for Heihachi, replacing his default 2P costume with the Young Heihachi that was featured in the game’s story mode.

You can download FluffyQuack’s young Heihachi swap from over on FluffyQuack’s website.

The second mod for Tekken 7 is a bit more… eccentric.

Raikaru released a bikini mod for Leo, which effectively turns him into a ladyboy. The image is just as confusing as Leo’s past gender history. You see that Leo is in a skirt with a bikini top, and has C-cup boobs. The body proportions are also all kinds of weird. Leo has male shoulders, a female waist, and ambiguous legs.

Oh boy, there’s going to be a whole lot of confused boners with that one.

Namco appears to be treading into the Bridget territory alongside Arc System Works. The only difference is that Bridget is clearly a boy who is crossdressing as a girl. Leo on the other hand… well… he’s a real gender bender, eh?

You can download Leo’s bikini armor swap from over on Google Drive.

If you need help installing the mods, it’s all pretty simple. For costume mods you simply create a folder named “mods” in the Tekken 7 \TekkenGame\Content\Paks\ directory. Plop the .pak file in the director and you’re all good to go.

Tekken 7 is available right now for PS4, Xbox One and PC. But only PC gamers gain access to all the confusing boner mods, baby.

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  • Tsubasa’s Family

    Leo has always been a woman. Westerners get confused because in Japan they can refer to people without gender-specific pronouns, which is what they did in order to keep Leo ambiguous. On the English Wiki, it sometimes refers to Leo using the male pronoun. This is because the original information on Leo uses no gender-specific pronouns, and “he” is the appropriate, default pronoun to use in this case, especially since the developers still want Leo to appear androgynous.

    No offense to the article writer, but arguing your point using the English Wiki is quite ignorant in this regard. I can’t really blame any English-speakers for being confused, but there you go, that’s the correct information. The only people arguing against this will be English-speakers, I promise lol. Leo has always been a woman.

    • That’s fine and all, but the info doesn’t come from the Wiki but from Namco’s official website.

  • roa shiki

    Leo has always been a girl, how do you make an article without researching that much?

    • You’re wrong and whatever research you did is wrong.

      Do some research next time, ace, before commenting. Otherwise you’ll look silly.

      • roa shiki

        Harada himself confirmed her gender multiple times along with her name. Seriously wouldn’t take long to google that even less when you YouTube the event where harada confirmed it.

        • I don’t care what your opinion is. The facts are what Namco says, and Namco says Leo is a boy on their official website. You’re wrong, period.

          • roa shiki

            Same namco has Leo as a girl on Japanese sites so what’s your point? Creator confirmed it not much else to discuss. Edit: also opinion? Dude I just stated facts never once said they were opinions

          • The official Tekken site is a fact. Your comments are opinions.

          • roa shiki

            https://youtu.be/LvzFEKWzN8k. Official namco event with harada confirming

          • He says that Leo was originally a girl when they were making the character, or could you not hear?

            So Leo was a female, actually

            Note the “was” at the 2:10 mark instead of “is”. He was talking about during development, not the current state.

            Obviously it’s been changed since then. The website is law. Namco’s word is law.

            You are wrong.

          • roa shiki

            Dude just admit you fucked up and move on, gender and name has been confirmed by namco themselves (harada is namco) honestly at this point you sound like a complete idiot . Your argument is essentially that the website created by pr guys overides the director of the series, what ever Kush your smoking man has damaged your brain if you thought that was a solid argument to make

          • Dude, you lost. You have nothing to go on but comments from Harada from six years ago about Leo during the conceptual development phase. You’re wrong, and have poor comprehension skills. I’m right, the website is right, and you’re wrong.

            When the website changes the official information let me know. Until then the article is right, and you. Are. Wrong.

            Deal with it.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    Leo’s a girl.

    My boner is never confused.

    • Disqusted

      When I told my friend, he looked it up on an English Wiki and they apparently had a long ranting article about how Leo is definitely proven a man or some bullshit like that. The ingame translations refer to Leo with male pronouns, so I’d imagine it’s pretty confusing for Westerners.

      • Gozu Tennoh

        I’d say 8/10 westerners are completely retarded anyway so I’d just leave em to it.

  • Disqusted

    Leo was confirmed female by equipping her swimsuits in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It’s probably one of those many things that didn’t get localized properly in the West.

    I’m pretty sure you can also play as Young Heihachi by swapping the HEI char code text with (I think) YHE in the executable.

    It’s annoying how inconsistent they were with the outfits in Tekken 7. Everyone seems to have the same boring outfits, but they were selective with the interesting stuff, like swimsuits and bare legs. Heihachi doesn’t even have his Tekken Lord hakama pants that he’s had since Tekken 2/3. Can’t believe Kuma has no real outfits, either. Sucks seeing so much missing from TTT2.

    • Gozu Tennoh

      I’m so glad they added Paul’s tough guy jacket in as an unlockable, that would have been heartbraking to leave out for me.

      Most of the items are stupid and make the characters look foolish though. I wish you could toggle other people’s custom stuff off entirely.

      • Disqusted

        Would be nice to have wet characters without needing to have a silly looking showerhead implant.

        Oh yeah, and you can’t even adjust the hair color when wearing hats and stuff. What the hell.

  • Feli Aslan

    Wait, what? Bridget is a boy? Dafuq?

    • Disqusted

      Yes. Bridget’s headplate has a male symbol on it, to ward off confusion.

      • Feli Aslan

        Damn, now I’m triggered.
        At least I still have Dark Sun Gwyndolin as my tentacle-waifu.

        • Disqusted

          There are doujins where Bridget is a girl, though.

        • Gozu Tennoh

          How long did you live that lie for?

          • Feli Aslan

            At least I can still with the knowledge that Tooru Mutsuki from Tokyo Ghoul Re is a pure trigger-machine against SJWs.