The King of Fighters XIV Cheats Enables Infinite Health, Infinite Gauge
King of Fighters XIV
(Last Updated On: June 18, 2017)

For some crazy reason SNK Corporation released King of Fighters XIV on Steam during the height of the E3 craziness and it’s easy for a lot of gamers to have missed out on it when it arrived on Steam back on June 15th. For the gamers who did pick up a copy and are currently playing the game and want to cheat through the arcade mode there is a cheat trainer available.

The cheat trainer features only two cheats at the moment, but you can download the trainer right now from over on the Mr. Antifun download page.

The two cheats include infinite health and infinite gauge. The first cheat makes where you won’t have to worry about losing life during a fight, where-as the second cheat means that your special gauge is always charged, so you can pull off your special moves at any time.

The game is currently available for $59.99 and it’s currently discounted by 20% off for the first week of being on sale. The game is also available as part of a bundle pack, which contains the DLC upgrade pack that features all of the previously released DLC that originally came out on the PS4 version.

The game originally came out last year on the PlayStation 4, featuring 50 playable characters. It was a return to the 3D character designs, something SNK hadn’t used for years. Previous to King of Fighters XIV they used some HD sprites for King of Fighters XIII for home consoles and PC. The 3D models came with a number of criticisms about the shaders that SNK used for the characters, which went through a number of different changes and tweaks with a number of different updates to modify and change the graphics.

Expect modders to have a field day with King of Fighters XIV, and don’t be surprised to see some new shaders to help give the game some visual flair, in addition to the inevitable nude mods. You can grab the cheat trainer now or you pick up a digital copy of King of Fighters XIV from over on Steam.

Also, be sure not to use the cheat trainer when you play online, otherwise you’ll get VAC banned. So always cheat responsibly.

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