The Last Night Dev Apologizes To SJWs For Criticizing Anita Sarkeesian

Tim Soret

Three years ago Odd Tales’ creative director Tim Soret criticized Anita Sarkeesian for radicalizing and mobilizing Liberal Social Justice Warriors into advocating censorship and demonizing the gaming industry for any portrayal or utilizing of a female who portrayed femininity or sex appeal.

We saw games like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 prohibited from being released in the West for fear of an SJW backlash, and a number of other games censored or attacked for not falling in line with the Social Justice Warriors’ Cultural Marxist agenda, such as the developer of Rimworld, who was assailed for not being more inclusive of certain homosexual traits in his game.

Soret’s criticisms originally took place back in late 2014 where he compared the current censor-heavy Liberal authoritarians (headlined by third-wave feminists) to the Religious Right. He mentioned that both groups have been aiming to censor games.

The tweets, however,  were dug up as part of a smear campaign led by some of the individuals who partook in harassment and doxing under the Crash Override Network organization. Soret was attacked so viciously that the publisher of the game apologized on his behalf and reproached him for not buying into the falsehoods perpetuated by Sarkeesian.

Well, following the fallout, Soret took his one opportunity during the PC Gaming Show at this year’s E3 event to apologize to the SJWs for not “listening” and “believing”, or toeing the party line for the Liberal propaganda machine. You can check out the video below courtesy of RequiemsVoid.

In case you don’t want to watch the video or you can’t hear him quite right through his thick French accent. Soret explains…

“There are some tweets I made in the past. I want to apologize for those. They do not in anyway represent who I am today or what The Last Night will be about.”

The apology was quick and snappy, and likely came at the behest of his publisher Raw Fury who had apologized on his behalf beforehand and had mentioned that if he still held those views about Sarkeesian and feminism that they wouldn’t be working with him.

Now for the absolutely bizarre part about this whole thing: The Last Night was originally about SJWs having such authoritarian control over society that it became this nightmare of thought-policing, information control, and behavioral despotism. Soret originally wanted to explore what would happen if the so-called “Progressivism” got out of hand and escalated compared to the already censor-heavy society we live in today.

So in an unironic twist of fate, the same SJWs that the game was about, came out of the woodwork to attack Soret and thought-policed him into an apology. Bizarre.

Also, the Social Justice Warriors were angered that Soret wanted to include Vivian James in The Last Night. Vivian has been a mascot for better ethics in media journalism since 2014, and those in the media who apparently wish to maintain the status quo of corruption consistently attack Vivian James. Thankfully the transgressions of the media transcends branding, and the site chronicles all of the unethical behavior by corrupt game journalists.

After being attacked by SJWs, Soret had mentioned to Jonathan Holmes via a tweet that he would not be including Vivian James in the game. The Liberal authoritarians have literally strong-armed a developer into not including a character or discussing certain themes relating to their real-life behavior.

Nevertheless, The Last Night looks like a fantastic game but sadly the publisher and developer were forced to kowtow to the feminist-controlled Liberal media.

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