The Vagrant, Sexy And Gorgeous Side-Scoller Lands On Early Access June 9th
The Vagrant Early Access Launch

With art inspired by Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown, the upcoming action hack-and-slash game from indie developer O.T.K. Games is set to head into early access on June 9th.

The Vagrant puts players in the role of a sexy swordsman named Vivian, who travels through the hand-painted fantasy world of Mythrilia. The game centers on Vivian’s adventure in discovering more about her dark past and seeking out notes to reunite with her long, lost family.

The gameplay focuses around side-scrolling exploration and travel as Vivian makes her way across beautifully sculpted environments designed around classic medieval fantasy settings. For those of you familiar with the gameplay in French Bread’s Ragnarok Offline Battle, you’ll find something similar in The Vagrant, as Vivian will be able to hack and slash her way through foes, and battle against deadly bosses.

You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

I imagine if you were a fan of classic sword and sandals fiction like Red Sonja but really enjoyed the Frank Frazetta-inspired art-style fused with anime themes from companies like Vanillaware, then you might like The Vagrant.

You can also loot new equipment, upgrade your armor and weapons, and acquire relics.

My only criticism would be that I feel Vivian needs more frames in her animations. The end key-frame for some of her combos look good, but there’s not much follow-through in the animations between the start and stop of certain attacks, giving the impression that the sword and hit effects are doing more of the fighting than Vivian is.

Of course, since The Vagrant is entering into Early Access, this gives O.T.K. Games time to polish and fix up the title before they officially launch it as a full fledged release sometime during October or November of this.

For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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